Force field

I am listening to Pavarotti.

A colleague comes into my office. “May I touch you?” she asks, reaching toward my arm.


She places her hand on my arm for a moment. “I need to get centered.”

And then she leaves.


I am labelling this “Ashtanga” instead of “work,” because this is about practice somehow.


7 Responses

  1. Yoga practice causes weird stuff. I notice when I have occasion to make eye contact with strangers that they tend to hold the contact with me longer than what was common before. It makes me wonder if I’m doing something weird with my eyes. Maybe it’s the beginning of a mutant superpower.

  2. I love that!!!!! The touching for centering, not Carl’s mutant superpower, which I fully believe he has.

  3. Hey Karen,

    LOVE the “I need to get centered” thing, that’s awesome.

    There are a couple YouTube vids of something like “Rejuvenate Yoga,” people doing Primary along with a SKPJ video, in Scottsdale. Are these your people? I’ll see if I can find the link.

  4. Aha!


  5. Hey Patrick,

    Not exactly my people. The woman closest to the monitor is The British Director, who is one of VBG’s Mysorians. VBG never taught at Rejuvenation, though.

    The fellow closest to the monitor is Gabriel, who owns Rejuvenation. I appreciate his reluctance to set himself up as a teacher. On the other hand, gah! I hate the DVD practice.

    Annie Pace threw a sheet over the flat screen when she did her workshop there. She’s a techno-disdainer, whereas I’m a technophile who just hates practicing to a DVD.

    Anyhow, I practiced with those guys once — nice folks, for sure. And there’s a little vegan tea shop across the road.

  6. wow, you center people. I have a drawer full of chocolate. People come in panicked, distressed, suicidal, homicidal and say, “do you have any chocolate?”

  7. I think they go for the centering arm touch because all I have are sunflower seeds. If I had chocolate, that’d probably be more popular.

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