Ashtar Command

Writing about the Ashtavakra Sutra the other day, I thought of Ashtar Command. A nice two pitch climb in Zion.

Here’s looking down from the first belay ledge. That’s my leg in the image.

Here’s a shot of the rock.

Here’s some of the scenery — spectacular! The exposure on the climb is pretty intense.

View from the second rappel ledge.


6 Responses

  1. Wowowowwowowow…

    you are a superhero – so brave and strong!

    Nice rocks!

  2. 🙂

    I was climbing with the best climbers in AZ, which is the only way I made it through this alive. LOL!

    I didn’t write about how on the second pitch I was all by myself — the lead climber was almost 200 feet above me and around a corner, so I couldn’t see or hear him. The two climbers below me were in a niche in the rock, so I couldn’t see or hear them, either. I found myself singing a Paul McCartney song (WTF?! I don’t even like PM!) to keep from freaking out as I looked down at the park ranger building in the distance and thought, “No one can help me now.”

    It’s funny. In retrospect.

  3. Well, I am seriously impressed! I love the singing part, I can totally picture it and that is hilarious!!

  4. SO beautiful. You are surrounded by gorgeous country.

    …don’t be afraid,
    you were made to go out and get her
    the minute you let her under your skin,
    you begin to make it better…
    …So let it out and let it in…
    … the movement you need is on your shoulder…

    Incorporating the phenomenon, or something, maybe?

  5. Hi Karen
    Do you still climb, or was that in a past life?

  6. That rock is very pretty!

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