Lesson in hydraulics

One of those deep, kinesthetic realizations: connecting the “suck in” of uddiyana bandha to the airy, expansiveness of the ribcage articulates the whole torso & wakes it up in a nice, subtle way. More subtle than my ponderous explorations, certainly — I’ve been focusing on one at the expense of the other. Time to integrate!


Reading Ashtavakra Gita:


One man believes in existence,
Another says, “There is nothing!”

Rare is the man who believes in neither.

He is free from confusion.


The mind of a man who longs to be free
Stumbles without support.

But the mind of a man who is already free
Stands on its own.

It is empty of passion.


A man who has no doubts
And whose mind is one with the Self
No longer looks for ways to find freedom.

He lives happily in the world,
Seeing and hearing,
Touching and smelling and tasting.


Just by hearing the truth
He becomes spacious
And his awareness pure.

He is indifferent
To striving or stillness.

He is indifferent
To his own indifference.


One Response

  1. Hi Karen
    Nice. Time for me to empty out confusion at a daylong.

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