Yes, a new template. Wanted more flexibility with the categories. This blog was originally started to keep up with my yoga practice notes. Along with a little personal stuff. And then I added some separate pages for poetry projects.

Lately, though, I’ve had some work/technology/learning topics I’ve been thinking about, and I’ve been debating whether to start a whole new blog, or try to have one, more flexible site.

So, if you want yoga (which is 99.999% of the current posts), you can use the Ashtanga yoga category to select those posts. Technology and Poetry have their own categories, so you can sort that way, too.

This is nice. Everything is all fresh and shiny. Unlike my house, which I’ve neglected in favor of playing on my computer all morning.

6 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    Ah, thanks for the “splanation”.

  2. Oh!

    Ok. I need to get used to this. It’s GREAT, but amazing how much the change in color specifically effects a shift in tone (as perceived).

    My favorite thing is the way my eye goes straight to the SZ in the header, the way the letters face each other as inaccurate mirrors. And the way they sit in the middle of the word TSZEN. I often think of you as DONUT, but now maybe your new name is slightly more Japanese-sounding than, well, donut.

  3. Hmmm. TSZEN, huh? I kind of like it.

  4. I like this template! Has a nice, clean feel to it. And clearly organized, too.

  5. Oh! Karen this is interesting, indeed! I aggre with Owl – never thought of it that way, but I think I might have done something similar!

    …and I see there is a post I will dig into 🙂 Will be tomorrow though!

  6. Yeah, compliments, this version is crisper than the other one, not as submerged in all that blue (which I also dug, too).

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