5. reincarnation cycle

excavating a space within or beyond,
a space into which to pass

and, even closer, the dead figure,
the pure simultaneity of

the immediacy and directness with which surface is given to vision

there is a slippage in this imperative
through which the visual and the bodily
form a single continuum

gathers up all the strands of separate parts
retreats away in successive waves
back into the distance

the loss of a single viewpoint

the very image of what could be called the moment
lifted up within, cancelled,
at the same time deposits its mark on the surface,
like the x that cancels, in a great hiss of negation

pleasure of leaving a mark

the mastery of resemblance is progressive

the fabulously detailed and nuanced animals
bifurcated from within,
point in opposite directions simultaneously,
both downward
and upward,
the internal contradiction of the world
a perfect fit

projected out

this is the trace, the instigator,
the pure movement

preceded by multiplicity
which underlies the ground of possibility

indivisibility of presence

allows the outside
to invade its inside

the field to which he or she is present
only as a displaced term

separation of self
from itself




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