Great adjustments and unnecessary worry

Went to led this morning. Just six of us (including The British Director, who was heading up the proceedings), so we decided to just go Mysore. Nice.

Let me just say, The British Director has been doing some serious work on her adjustments, and it is totally paying off. She got my hands to the mat on Prasarita C, even though I now turn my palms out in the pose. Now, I knew it was possible to get my hands to the floor, because the first time I tried the pose with palms turned out was in Singapore, and Celeste Lau dragged me (screaming in my head, and maybe shedding a few tears) to the ground on that very day. Today, though, after months of practicing with my hands turned out, was much more pleasant.

It was kind of interesting, because after Celeste had me do it palms-out, I kept at it. Until I went to the Annie Pace workshop. I turned my hands back the “normal” way because I didn’t want to be doing anything sketchy, since she is traditional. She actually had me flip ’em back the other way. And so I’ve been palms out ever since.

Okay, so then The British Director adjusted me in Janu A. Woohoo! VERY nice. Strong, confident, very effective. One of those adjustments where you are pressed flat, flat, flat and it feels just delightful. It was right about then that I noticed that I was getting adjusted way deeper into poses than last time I practiced at the shala regularly.

Duh, right? Okay, I hadn’t really thought about it, but when you go off to practice alone, you find out how much you can do on your own. And it’s less than when you have a teacher adjusting you. It’s a kind of culture shock, really, because here you are, going along thinking you’re all that, and then you find yourself at home, feeling kinda lame when you can’t magically self-adjust.

So it was great to have an adjustment in supta kurmasana (I can’t get my feet behind my head myself, and am not tripping on it, for some reason — figure I’ll just enjoy the occasional adjustments when there’s a willing adjuster around) and in baddha konasana. I saw how my home practice of baddha konasana is still less fully expressed than what I remember of “the shala version” (VBG could adjust me into it well enough to get my chin on the ground, though my chest would sometimes hover) — though today I found that with all the home practice, I can be adjusted much more easily and squashed flat flat flat to the point of my feet digging into my tummy rather dramatically. So that is a measure of progress. Not that I want to chase the progress (Does that sound like backpedalling? Because I can’t really argue…) — anyhow, it was nice to see that all the home practice hasn’t made me regress, and that in fact I have managed to get some benefit (progress) from the daily working-on-my-own.

And again, British Director, nice freaking work!


After practice I had a text from My Gift. She’s in town for a couple of days, hanging out with friends and going to Pride this weekend. She stayed at a friend’s house Thursday and Friday night, and I woke in the middle of the night, suddenly concerned that I hadn’t seen her for a while. I wondered if she was avoiding me, if perhaps she was ill and didn’t want me to know, etc., etc., etc. Crap. Night time thinking is very emotional and deep and hard to set aside. When I woke up, I felt re-balanced and less worked about my worries, but as the morning wore on, they started gnawing at me again.

We met up at Jamba Juice and had smoothies, then walked over to Starbucks to grab her an iced latte before she took off to meet with friends. As it turns out, she didn’t want to sleep at the house without Scotty. We both teared up when she said it. They were friends for so long. As I’ve mentioned, he came into her life when her dad and I were splitting up, her uncle was dying, and everything was just a huge emotional mess.

Scotty always slept on her bed at night, and it makes perfect sense that she feels shaky about sleeping in her room without him. Okay.

Other than that, she is cheery and healthy and dear. Her hair color has changed from brown to red to blue to green just since Thanksgiving, and she’d told me the current color is platinum blond. I was thinking I wasn’t going to be a fan of the blond, but it is adorable. Cut short and with her dark eyebrows and bright blue eyes, it reminds me of Madonna during the Blond Ambition days, or Agyness Deyn, the model.

I’m happy I got to see her and can set aside the worrying.


5 Responses

  1. Yes yes, the big Mysore adjustments; I’ve barely been adjusted in anything since about September, but I’ve given hundreds of the things. Apparently Matthew Sweeney and others say that you should have some home practice after you get Mysore-styled.

    I’m thinking of recruiting another teacher who often goes to the once-a-week Intro to Intermediate here, to adjust my Kapo and see if I can hit it. Like your Supta K, I can’t get my legs behind my head by myself (same with Dwi Pada), but I can be adjusted into it with no worries.

    Happy practicing–a spate of life with no worries is a good thing!

  2. Hi Karen
    I might have to share your insights after a few months, since I’m going to be practicing by myself during the week at home, and on Sundays at the shala. On my observations about Supta K and Dwi Pada, I can get into Supta K by myself, and almost on Dwi Pada by myself, except for losing balance just before getting the second foot back there. But it is improving with practice.

  3. Yes, the home practice dispells any illusions you might have about your practice! 😉 Kapo is what’s really getting me thinking about spending some time back at the shala. Maybe it’s those core poses MS mentions in his book that really need a teacher’s help.

    Countdown to Minnesota, Patrick! Only three months away!

  4. True true! Now I just need (oddity of oddities) NOT to get the one job that begins on July 1, right??

  5. Oh my, after all this job search work! LOL! Well, I guess it’s safe to say that you will have something pleasant happening at the beginning of July — regardless which way this goes… 🙂

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