The heart opening continues, but isn’t always so pleasant, emotionally. I always miss Scotty when I get up in the morning. He was always first up in the house — and would greet me. Loudly, and persistently. But still. I miss it.

And I miss having him lounge about as I did my practice. I find myself looking over at the back of the couch, but he’s not there.

So practice was fine today. Split: second half of primary, followed by the intermediate poses to supta vajrasana. Then urdhva dhanurasana. A few where I decided to press my arms against the wall and walk my feet in. I know the “rule” is to walk the hands in, but my shoulders are the weak link right now (as in, being immobile), so it made sense to keep them still and walk the feet in, then press deeply into the anchored arms. I always felt like it was the thoracic that needed opening, and now that it’s busting open, it’s back to working into the lumbar a bit. I guess that’s normal, to always be working into one and then the other… without end… 😉


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  1. i go back and forth like that too, with the lumbar and thoracic. i kind of enjoy how everything is constantly changing.

  2. I like the thoracic work, because it feels good and isn’t scary. Lumbar is more painful and it scares me. Seems like the leeway for mistakes is pretty narrow.

  3. do you feel the lumbar opening in the lower back or in the psoas? if the pain is in the lower back you might want to think about engaging the frontbody more and opening the hip flexors more?

  4. when i say front body, i mean the abdomen. i was really trying to avoid the dreaded ‘B’ word 🙂

  5. Butt? You didn’t want to say “butt”? LOL! Kidding.

    Yeah, I’m trying to work the psoas more. I’m kind of physically illiterate in the psoas. I have not been feeling the backbends in the lumbar, and have been feeling it in my abs (though kind of deeper than abs, actually). Anyhow, I’m just mostly psychologically fearful of lumbar work. I mean, does the lumbar ever actually get strong? I know the muscles in my lower back are strong, but the lumbar structure itself is always something of a delicate dealio…

    I guess I don’t trust myself not to be a bull in the china shop of my lower back.

  6. hmmm, i think you might have to ask owl about that. my inclination is to say that preventing lumbar injury is found in keeping the hamstrings flexible and the abdomen strong. the erector spinae travel the whole length of the spine so they offer a little support in the lumbar region, but i think the stability is found in the abdomen and the QL.

  7. I still miss my little cat, I had to rehome her a few months ago, sometimes i call her when i get in still and then feel silly and remember she’s gone. It’s not losing an animal or a cat, it’s losing a friend.

  8. Very well put, Cranky.

    The combination of psoas, QL and the massive vertebrae of the lumbar is very strong. Those vertebrae are so big! But the disks can be vulnerable and S1-L5 is a weird joint that seems to have some evolving left to do. I have heard it said that this link is a weird one because (like the knees) it’s a little atavistic. One reason, maybe, why the psoas–the only muscle that links upper and lower body– is so important and also so parasympathetically, primally trippable.

    Oh and ps donut, I just remembered the other factor which had us both in aporia: sciatic nerve.

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