Past Life Meme

Don’t worry, playing with this doesn’t necessarily imply that you believe in past lives. It’s fun whether you do or not.

1. Do you have memories of past lives? Who were you?

My strongest feeling is that I was a woman in medieval Japan.

2. How does that past life manifest in this lifetime?

I have always had a strong love for Japanese art, architecture & culture, even as a kid growing up in suburban Massachusetts. When I’ve seen objects or images from that time, they always seem familiar to me.

3. Do you have specific memories of that time?

No. More a fleeting memory — as if remembering a dream. Lots of memories of evenings, the way the grass smelled, the quality of the darkness.

4. Do you have memories of other lifetimes?

Again, fleeting ones. Definitely one in the deserts of northern Africa, and one in Eastern Europe.

5. Have you had past lives where you were a different gender?

Yes. In the Bedouin lifetime, I think I was male. All in all, I imagine it’s been about half and half, gender-wise.

6. Have you had past lives where you were a different race?

Yes. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been Caucasian for the majority of my past lives. It’s always seemed a little sad to me, that I only get to be one gender and one race for this lifetime.

7. Do you think you pursued spiritual practices in a past life?

Yes, a little yoga, I expect.

8. Can you sense the past lives of any of your family or friends?

My husband was around in medieval Japan; my daughter was a Tibetan monk and an Indian yogini.

9. Any previous-life intuitions about your pets?

For some reason, I always believed my cat Donut had a previous life as a cab driver in New York. Scotty was a deer.

10. Have you had any previous lives as an animal?

A bird, for sure. And probably a factory-farmed animal. I imagine that’s where middle-of-the-night-inexplicable-anxiety may come from.


Click here to find out for sure what you were up to last go ’round.

Can’t remember? Just don’t know? Here, try this.


I asked a visiting Tibetan lama if he thought reincarnation was just a metaphor. His delightful reply? “What difference does it make?”

Fair enough.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your current lifetime.


6 Responses

  1. is it possible to be a completely new soul? i very much believe in reincarnation, but i feel like i am really new at this. i don’t think i have been around much!

  2. Hi Karen
    Comment. Briefly. Don’t have any. My ultra strong Catholic background never allowed me to revel too much in my own past lives. However, I did delve deeply in the past lives of the saints – Augustine, Aquinas, Theresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux. zzzzzz. Back to taxes.

    Cranky must be a saint, no one’s past karma to resolve.


  3. At first it said I was an actress and singer in the Southern Cone of Latin America, but now it’s telling me I was a bard and singer in Korea in 1800.

    A singer? I should see an expert about this.

  4. I was a Japanese shepherd girl at around 600 CE.

    Japanese raised sheep?

  5. Check out “A Wild Sheep Chase” by Haruki Murakami. 🙂

  6. donuts, this is a fun one. Last year at our faculty retreat, we made up a game called ‘past lives’. We passed around a basket with our names in it–everyone drew one. You had to imagine that person’s past life and then tell everyone about it. We then each said who we thought they were talking about. The teller would not reveal who their person was until all the stories had been told. it was THE MOST fun I’ve had in a long time!

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