Forearm/wrist feeling off this morning. My first thought was crappy chaturanga form, but now I’m wondering about all the mousing I do every day. And touch-padding.


I am going to go to VBG’s led primary on Saturday. He is actually in India right now, so The British Director will be running the show. I have a hankering for a class with a bunch of people in a super-heated room. So anyhow, my logic for today went: 1) overuse injury of some sort, 2) Saturday led on the schedule, 3) going to Saturday led would make a seventh day of Ashtanga practice for the week, 4) to avoid seven days of practice = make today a prop practice!

It’s been a long time since I just played with props. Gosh, I do love them. Pulled out the blocks, the sandbags, the rack. Spent time on psoas stretches and upper back/shoulder stuff. Nice!

I pulled out the chair, draped myself over it, and — as always — looked side to side at the legs of the chair. How to coordinate myself to grab the darned legs? It is a really kinesthetically challenging problem. Ah! I know! I pulled the edge of my mat to align with the front legs of the chair. Then I can walk my hands on the mat (offers some friction) and when I feel the edge of the mat, know that I’m aligned with the legs of the chair and just need to move my hands along the edge of the mat to finally “find” the legs. Worked, as Lax would say, a treat.

The only catch with the chair is that there is a rung on the back legs that is in an awkward position. Must ask The Cop if it can be removed. And the seat of the chair is wide for a shortie like me. Still, though, the upper back/shoulders/tricep stretch rocked, and it was super gratifying to finally get the legs of the chair.

No Cop at practice this morning, as he works the swing shift on Wednesday nights 😦


5 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    Looks very nice and stretching.
    Cheers, Arturo

  2. Karen, my business partner is going to be in phoenix in a few weeks, do you have a link for VBG’s classes? do you want to meet her?

  3. Let me find out when he’s back from India. I’ll let you know. He teachers Monday nights and Saturday mornings and that’s it — both led. If your business partner is into that, I’ll be happy to meet her and take a class with her!

  4. i think she would be happy to do anything! we just have each other here, and i think she is really jonesing to be the student and not the teacher! i don’t think she would care if it is VBG or not, just someone else to be teacher! thanks!

  5. Oh, definitely pass along my email, then!

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