Little lessons

The puppy was adorable. Wiley. Akita/lab mix. God, there is nothing The Cop loves more than a puppy.


This morning’s practice was, as I promised myself yesterday, about softness. What a challenging concept for me. It reeeeeaaally feels good, though. I stayed right in each breath and kept “soft, soft, soft” as my mantra, and it was quite pleasant.

The Cop mentioned that he was noticing that when he gets to the edge of a pose, the tension moves into his neck.

“Can you use your breath to move it out of there?” I ask.

“No,” he says. “It moves here [slaps his chest] and yells ‘fuck you!'”


At ardha baddha padmottanasana, he asks, “Will my knee eventually stop hurting?”

“Yes,” I say.

He looks relieved.

“Unless you screw it up enough that it hurts forever.”

Ah, the subtleties of Ashtanga.


Urdhva dhanurasana has all kinds of new challenges now that my neck is not longer the limiting factor. It is very interesting to be in the pose and kind of “thinking around” in it. I check my neck, my hands and feet, my hipbones. I am thrilled just to be able to be conscious in the pose. Up ’til now, it’s been kind of a blind faith and persistence that kept me going.

There is distinct pain in my left shoulder now that I am pushing up through the arms more effectively. Remnant of the rotator cuff tear. I look forward to resolving it.

The sternum “opening” continues. It doesn’t really hurt — it’s an emotional resistance. I’ve learned enough to want to push further into it. The resolutions of these kinds of things have been overwhelmingly positive, even though they seem sketchy at first.

And then The Cop calls my attention to his uth pluthi. He’s got a lotus going on.



6 Responses

  1. The Cop’s listening to his body and having a great dialogue!

    BTW, did you resolve the manties issue for him? I favor the black Prana mantra shorts or black square-cut swim trunks.

  2. I resolved the issue via Hanes. Black. Boxer brief.

    Oh, I try not to think too deeply about yoga … but I am kinda proud of being able to get a half-assed lotus. When I began, I couldn’t even do half-lotus.

  3. Admit it, you’ve been thinking more deeply lately.

    You’re not just a hot yoga guy in black boxer briefs.

  4. DZM, do you think The Cop is ready for Krishnamurti?

  5. Definitely NOT if Krishnamurti ‘s face is on the book cover.

  6. Wow, lotus in up plutihi, way to go The Cop.
    Cheers, Arturo

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