Sunday Puppy

Blech. Well, not entirely.

Practice was fine and then I did my urdhva dhanurasanas, and perhaps pushed too much. (Who, me?) Got that weird nauseated feeling I used to get back at the shala when I first started doing the intermediate backbends. I recognize it as the nauseated feeling I got after lifting too heavy or hiking too long in the desert, or however Ive chosen to overtax my nervous system in the past.

It kind of feels like where I’m at right now is breaking my tummy open. Wasn’t it supposed to be my heart? Oh well. My sternum had a workout and it all felt like something new, which is always nice.

Tomorrow I’ll focus on softness. Damn, why do I always forget about softness? I need to just do yoga and meditate 24 hours a day. I think that would help me stay focused.


After practice I did a bunch of cooking: kale, turnips, and brown rice for the week’s lunches, and blueberry turnovers for The Cop, and lasagna noodles because he wants to make lasagna this week. And angel hair with the leftover pasta dough.

I do notice that when I cook more, I clean less. My Gift would suggest this is healthy. She calls me “Monica,” after Monica the obsessive-compulsive on “Friends.”

This afternoon, The Cop and I will visit my parents’ house. My sister and her girlfriend are visiting from San Diego with their new puppy.

New puppy! Squee!


3 Responses

  1. Oh how exciting. Puppies are best-ever for family unification, too.

  2. i love that you just squee-ed!
    i frequently get nauseated in backbending, and dizzy. and it is worse when i am not consistant with my second series stuff.

  3. Maybe you didn’t push too hard in backbending…maybe you just didn’t hold your bhandas? My lower back aches when I forget to use my bhandas. Uddiyana really protects that lower spine.

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