I’m looking for a picture of one (or many) of the cybershalamates in urdhva dhanurasana. Ideally, how about a 5’4″ gal on a Manduka mat? I’m trying to get a visual of hand/foot placement…


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  1. cybershalamate? Check.
    manduka? Check.
    5’4″? Nope
    Gal? Nope


  2. I’m scared I will forget and would be happy to share. Do you mind emailing me? If you, I’ll send it as soon as I get home.

    I’m 5’6″, on a Manduka.

    : )

  3. All these photos of people doing UD have caused me to become gripped by a desire to see what I look like while doing UD. So if I manage to get my camera software to work (it hasn’t worked in a while) I’ll get a snapshot of myself and forward a copy to you.

    But atop my Manduka, I stand about 6′-2 1/4″ or so. When not on my Manduka, I am a mere 6′-2″.

  4. 5’7″ on green manduka eko?

  5. It’s not much to aspire to but I have some pics here http://yogiupsidedown.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/some-birthday-backbending/

    5’5 Green Ekotex mat 🙂

  6. Yes, everyone is welcome to send pictures!! Cody and Carl, it is fine that you are men and tall. The only requirement is that submissions from men must be in the official uniform (undies!).

    Kidding. The Cop wouldn’t like that.

    Thanks, you guys. My email is dzm at hotmail dot com

    I’m gonna make an urdhva dhanurasana collage! Promise I won’t upload anyone’s image without permission!

  7. Actually, just seen your pics, and your backbend looks far superior to mine anyway! If I am feeling brave this weekend I might take some more pics to see if I have made any progress since November – I think not though….

  8. If I can get a photographer, I’ll put in for this. I’m 5’11 or something, on the world’s BEATest Jade Harmony.

  9. Clare, are you kidding? The openness in your chest is great! And I see you’re keeping a nice neutral neck. 🙂

    Patrick, don’t forget: Guys have to wear manties!

  10. Yeah, my class (because I’ll have these taken after a class) will LOVE that.

  11. Speaking of which…Karen, have you ever GOOGLED “manties”? 😉

  12. Manties??? Pfft!!! I’ll do all my yoga in deep-sea diving gear. At first, the lead boots made it challenging to lower the legs gracefully in sirsasana but the results have been well worth the effort.

  13. Sorry, I hate being photographed.

  14. 5′-91/2″, yellow manduka eko, male, apt too small for self photograph

  15. Well, you have my pitiful photos at your disposal. All five foot one of me, and on a tapas mat.

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