Suggestible, karma, holding

I am suggestible as all get-out. I think it’s something cultivated in the art student and poetry grad school days. Last night, I read my Psoas Book before bed. Woke repeatedly during the night, conscious of how my psoai were tensed — and magically knew just how to move to relieve/release them.

Got up first thing, and had a delightful little sacrum crack with just the slightest of movement. Definitely going to have to keep reading the book before sleep.

And then I’ll move on to the shoulders book. Because I’m greedy like that.


After standing poses this morning, The Cop inspected My Gift’s car. She came down from school last night — Spring Break! This morning, she and a friend left for a road trip to Disneyland and a visit with another friend in CA.

She had to leave before we were done practicing, hence the intermission between standing and seated poses. The Cop and I bundled up and went into the garage, where he added air to her tires and checked the lug nuts and the oil and the engine and all that other stuff in there under the hood.

Karma yoga. Very sweet.


Ustrasana feels great without a tight butt. I like putting my thighs against the wall and then taking a deep breath and stretching my tummy and putting my lower ribs against the wall before I arch back. Delightful. There is something really nice about putting my lower ribs on a stable surface like that. No idea what the appeal is, really, but I’m going with it.

Urdhva dhanurasana was all hold. Hold hold hold. No pushing. Went up and stayed where I was, breathing and breathing. No micromovement of pushing and holding and pushing again. With the stillness, a kind of opening up ensues. I can’t really understand it well enough to put it in words, but nice to find it there. And once again, at the end of the last looooooong exhale, a delicate crack in the sacrum, fruition of the breath.

Whoa, how good is this gentle stuff??


8 Responses

  1. Looks like you are finding your groove!

  2. The last sentence of the first section is you mind-melding with V! Suggestible–yes!

    I bet it was chilly out in the garage this morning. Bundling up, you probably had to put on socks and everything. I am here if Gift should need something.

  3. I have to adopt that “just hold it” -routine in UD. Muscles around my left armpit are sore in a weird way and yesterday i found out why: all that pushing! I also have a clutching problem, but in UD. Damn that pose. Have to learn how to relax in it.

    Thank you for inspiration. 🙂

  4. Yay! My groove. 🙂 I do actually feel like there’s a much higher level of softness and relaxation and automaticity. Really nice.

    Thanks, Owl. Always good to have a back-up in whatever city she’s in. And no, smarty pants, I did not have to put on socks. I did put on my fuzzy slippers, though — and they only get trotted out when the temperatures are freeeeezing.

    Hi Annukka, I had a pec strain under my right armpit for a good while. Finally starting to resolve…

  5. isn’t the sacrum pop delightful? i think i make obscene noises when i get one of those. it is best that i am mostly alone to practice.

  6. Today i concentrated on holding it. And for the second lift my teacher came and stretched my armpits open. Boy it felt good! The third one was so easy after that.

    The armpit ache is really weird. I have never ever had a sore armpit before…

    Happy Easter, DZM! 🙂

  7. I like reading about you, the cop and your gift!
    You have a happy lovely family!

  8. What’s the shoulders book??? Do tell!!!

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