The Cop: Underpants Practitioner

I think the title says it all. Practice this morning was delightful.

Cody has recently warned yogis: do not tell [normal people] you dedicated a practice to them. Especially if they know you practice in the living room in your underwear. I don’t think The Cop does any dedicating of his practice — in fact, I can see his eyes rolling at the very thought — but seriously, honey, wouldn’t that be funny to tell some of your officer buddies?


The Psoas Book is due to arrive on Wednesday. Yay! Now that my traps are easing up a bit, the psoai are going berserk. I woke up last night, lying on my side with my knees pulled up a bit, and DAMN my psoai were like rocks.

And then I looked at Kino’s backbending video on YouTube and had a bit of a glimpse of the potential for flexibility there. I wonder how all those decades of daily abs curls sessions helped my psoas flexibility… I need an “aw, crap!” emoticon.

So, time to work ’em out.


The Cop is off work today. So I envision him in the dirt yard, toiling away. Maybe in his underpants.



22 Responses

  1. hi karen
    there is nothing wrong with practicing at home with at least one layer on, or without any, except that if your mate is there, the no layer version would be distracting and situations might arise.

    a book just on the psoas? wow. okay, this made me remember when i complained to a massage therapist that my left psoas tends to constrict. he recommeded the following exercise. if i didn’t remember it earlier it’s because i haven’t continued doing it. maybe it could help you. so you sit at the edge of your bed. you extend one leg and then with a finger go and massage the psoas in the groin/leg region. it’s not a muscle that is easy to find. apparently when you extend the leg at that angle over the edge of the bed, you can reach in there, find it and massage it. you repeat on the other side. i would be interested to know if that helps you. it seems it’s like a psoas warming or psoas waking up exercise.

    cheers, arturo

  2. Oh, that would be awesome! Remember in Hill Street Blues when they’d have the opening bit where the Sarge would give out the assignments for the day? I can just picture The Cop telling the Sarge in front of everyone that he “dedicated today’s yoga practice to him” that day. Priceless!

    Also, when you told that story the other day about the footchase, I couldn’t help but think of the Cop grabbing his sore groin halfway through the chase.

  3. I wore jeans in the yard, but did play video games in my underwear. Good times. Regarding the chase, I was trying to close enough distance to taze the guy. Alas, he gave up beforehand.

  4. Now I’m picturing the Cop sitting in lotus in his underwear with a tazer in one hand, video game controller in the other. What an image.

  5. Yeah, I actually get to see things like that. Weird karma for a hippie chick.

  6. *shocker* Karen, you’re a hippie chick?

    Yogamum, HILARIOUS. We must find the Sanskrit for “tazer” and do some creative rewriting of the Ashtanga opening chant. Kidding.

  7. i like what cody said–it’s funny. i don’t practice in my unders because i have weiner pants, and those are better. Psoas book. that looks good. now, are you going to tell me that I can have perfect psoai in only FIVE MINUTES A DAY?

  8. Perfect PSOAI!

    Aren’t all yogi(ni)s hippies at heart, Patrick? Except for the philosophical Frenchies, of course.

  9. Vraiment!

  10. Spoken like a true hippie academic gentleman pirate.

  11. Hey now, we philosophical Frenchies can still be hippies at heart. This makes me want to get a photo of myself in lotus with my copy of _Society of the Spectacle_ in hand.

    (I am not, for the record, French. Apparently I’m English-Irish-Swedish).

  12. i consider myself a little bit of a punk-rock girl. and i’ve got no french. Polish Russian and Romanian. and some pirate.

  13. I’ve only got Portuguese and Spanish. And snotty cow, but that’s a different story.

  14. ARTISAN Psoas!!!

    I would be a hippy, but my parents were hippies. I rebelled by becoming a suburban housewife.

    DZM could you please take a photo of the Cop in Tazeasana?

  15. Patrick, Spectaculotus?

  16. Spectazerlotus.

  17. I thought about this problem of informing people that a practice is to be dedicated to them. I think it would work out okay if instead of telling them the practice is dedicated to them directly, you (I never dedicate practices) instead say something like: “I dedicated a practice to world peace ON YOUR BEHALF. And you could even say you did it in your underwear and it’d still be cool. It’s like donating money to charities planting trees instead of giving gifts — it’s all warm and fuzzy and non-confrontational.

  18. Well, non-confrontational provided you don’t do things like describe the tiger print thong you wore.

  19. Men should definitely avoid describing their tiger print thongs. Women probably would be okay to do describe theirs.

  20. Carl practices in a tiger print thong?

  21. Wow, I’m telling the Editor about this…

    (Great style, Cop.)

  22. Owl, totally. The spectacle of my lotus, complete with a revolutionary inset text! Now if I can just get Yoga Journal to pick up the photo, I can commodify the revolution! Except, of course, that the revolution will STILL not be televised Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

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