Wow, what a prick!

Okay, so I decided that my experiments with Sunday practice would move into actual spoken-word territory. Jazz, yes, it helps the trance — and in a very trippy way. How about some audio podcasts this week? I settled on some of the integral podcasts from Integral Naked. How about starting off with Ken Wilber just explaining his idea of integral-ity?

Ah, it was so promising. The idea that human consciousness is evolving. That each layer includes all the others, that we are all heading in the right direction. I even had the happy thought that this whole philosophy could be summed up as: “It’s all good!” Yup, individuals and groups, cultures and cliques — all heading toward deeper enlightenment while encompassing all of the “previous” consciousnesses.

Oh, wait. Did I just hear KW use the word “smart” to denote the “more conscious” among us? Oh crap, did he really just mention those who are “authentic” (as in, more authentic than other people)? Aw, crap! He really IS a prick.


At this point, I imagine him in a cumberbund and smoking jacket. And he has his own logo embroidered on the jacket in gold thread. Gack!

I know humans are hierarchical. I know KW would find my revulsion naive. But I’ve seen monks and lamas and yogis who manage to tread this line without going down the us/them path. Even if your heart isn’t in it, you can at least start adjusting your discourse — because the language you use = the consciousness you create.


I made cherry turnovers for The Cop this morning. He’d mentioned wanting some last week. The results: meh. It was a shortening crust for the dough, and too shortening-y and flakey for my taste. Anyone have a more doughy turnover crust recipe?

Other things on the list for today:

1. Make ARTISAN bread for tomorrow’s lunch
2. Measure yard for grass and gravel perimeter
3. Look at potential new motorcycle for The Cop

Okay, just took the bread out of the oven. Sigh (happy one). I love the ARTISAN bread. So easy and so yummy. It’s shocking to eat processed bread after having homemade bread. Yesterday, I had a soyburger just plain on a plate, with a slice of artisan bread on the side. There were whole wheat buns on the counter, but I didn’t want store-bought.


Practice was good. It is getting nice and warm again, which rocks. I know I am a baby. It’s 72 degrees right now, and I’m just starting to feel like spring is here.

Anyhow, practice was good. I have been acutely aware that the right trap tightness is somehow related to the left sacrum tweak. How, I have no idea. Perhaps if I were more evolved, I would understand these things… 😉

I am including a urdhva dhanurasana picture and a little video of the wall thing. Pushing out through my arms is still mucho difficile and freaks out my breathing. Patience.


In the picture/video, you’ll notice I have on the same top as Cranky in her most current video posting. I love it, Tova! Super comfy. Also of note in the video: my laptop, which I used to listen to the pricks (sadly, Deepak Chopra was one of the pricks, whining about how Richard Dawkins dissed him). I turned the sound down during filming, so you could more clearly hear my grunts and ragged breathing. Not really. I was just protecting you from the prickery.

Also notable: the svadyaya tattoo on my inner elbow. Which just looks like a smudge from a distance. My boss is being very gracious about the svadyaya, despite the fact that I know it freaks her out. Still, despite her apparent high-class evolutionary status, she does not act like a prick. Nice.

P.S. Anyone got any great psoas-openers for UD/kapo?


22 Responses

  1. Karen! that is lovely! it has come so far! don’t you think? the shoulders have opened up dramatically, and i think pretty soon you wont need to use that wall 🙂
    psoas openers: “swan”, seated one knee bent forward, other one straight back, really making sure to inwardly rotate the femur on the back leg and sitting up high with a long spine. also just your basic warrior, making sure you get the same inward rot. in the back leg, engaging the quads and pressing into outside edge of the back foot. and in supta padagustasana, allow the pelvis to round inward a little and really focus on the stretch in the psoas rather than the stretch in the opposite hammie.

    and i realize how a medium fits us both so differently! it is baggy on you through the waist where as with me it fits close! still, i love the top! glad you do too!

  2. Yeah, I feel like things are coming along. Its been a very interesting lesson in patience and enjoying where I am at the moment.

    Ah yes, swan! Handy — it’s something I can do when I’m just hanging out. I’m not really clear about the supta padangusthasana, though — are you talking about the first part, where the leg is up in the air, or the second part, where the leg is on the floor? Or both? 😉

    Tops are generally baggy through the waist on me.

  3. i’m not a very clear person 🙂 the first and third parts of SP. i find if i round the pelvis in while i am doing this pose the stretch in the hammie of the lifted leg is less intense and the tretch in the psoas of the leg on the floor is increased?

  4. Hello kewl girlz. (Those who are allowed to view cranky blog.)

    Karen, your backbend looks gorgeous. My teacher has me wrap a strap around my upper arms, so that they stay straight as I arch against the wall. It hurts, but really works for opening up armpits.

  5. hi karen
    how about the pelvic floor exercises in eric franklin’s book, pelvic power? it’s supposed to help you with UD. you lie down flat on your mat, place a 4″ ball under each, excuse the word, butt cheek, then do a number of exercises of contracting the muscles in the area. you also extend one leg at a time, rotate it, while holding the other leg bent, close to your chest, the switching sides. you can do the exercises with rolled up hand towels as well.

  6. This is beautiful.

    About that static in the background, awful. I feel sort of responsible for that. Bad owl. 🙂

  7. LOL! It is interesting to hear about. Good ideas, but weird lack of awareness of how pompous the delivery/dissemination. Worthwhile to hear and to think about — both the ideas and the blindspots.

  8. I looked up “Pelvic Power,” but was distracted by his book about the neck and shoulders (“Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders”). Decided I need that more urgently than PP. So I’ll read PP when I’m done liberating my shoulders. 😉

  9. you could totally go all the way down. too bad you can’t have an assist each day for the next 3 weeks. do you have blocks? you could set up a bunch of blocks against the wall and go down to those. also, are you starting with your hands at heart or overhead (god, i can’t even understand things that I WATCH–i thought my problem was reading comprehension, but i guess it’s just comprehension). Although it may not seem like it, hands at heart actually feels safer to me. arms overhead means that you have that additional weight going back that you have to control. try prayer position as you go back and then bring your arms where you need them at the last minute (not the VERY last minute…)

  10. oh, and i’m with you on what you’re saying with kw. there’s a lot of fuss over the dalai lama coming to seattle. I say whatever. we are all people, and he is one too. i’m not going to brave the crowds to seek my pseudo enlightenment. that’s not the work, that’s a show.

  11. oh, and I need to make more ARTISAN BREAD. Although it only takes five minutes a day, I found myself without five fucking minutes to mix up the dough this weekend.

  12. Yeah, I had a disaster with a too-long wait on the hands, once. I did, today, go with the hands overhead right from the start. It seems to get my shoulders aligned. If I do prayer hands, when my arms go up, my shoulders are all discombobulated.

    I actually have a couple of spots drawn on the wall (you can’t see them on the video because of the reflection on the sheen of the paint) which is where I aim and land my hands. I figure I’ll draw my spot lower and lower until I am finally all the way down.

  13. I felt panicky at the thought of no ARTISAN bread for lunch tomorrow. I am SO hooked on the stuff. Can’t Jesus whip some up as a miracle? Surely that’s within his power.

  14. if i may reply to suzie here. i am a serious dork and my blog is serious dorky. but i would be happy to invite you! tsteiner at stny dot rr dot com
    sorry to advertise on your blog Donuts!

    and the thing about arms over head is that you DEFINITELY have the strength to control that backbend if you can get as far as you do with arms over your head.

  15. No worries, Cranky. It’ll be nice to see Suzie over a your place!

    I just have a little further to go with my *belief* about controlling the dropbacks. I know it’s really close…

  16. hi laks, not to add at you have to fork out $250 to see his holiness. it may all go for good causes, but it’s a lot of dough. cheers, arturo

  17. Prickery, tee hee. That gave me a giggle. The work against the wall looks good!

  18. I was going to call this my unsolicited two cents, but you DID in fact solicit advice, SO:

    Ask the front of your body to hold you “long” (physically long, ribs away from hips) as you drop back. This may eventually allow you to get greater length in the spine, along with greater “stability” in the front body (well, FROM the front body, in a way) which will allow you to, with more control, drop your hands further back and down. Similarly, ask your front body to spring you forward to standing.

    I was doing prayer-hands last summer and have since moved to arms overhead and far prefer the latter, but dropping back with arms extended requires, in my experience, some “stability” cooperation from the front body, to establish control in the drop.

  19. Thanks Cranky. I am a dork too and enjoy communicating with my fellow dorks.

  20. you would think that jesus could whip up some ARTISAN bread: loaves and fishes, HELLO???

  21. Seriously. Tell him you expect to come home from a long day at work to a nice dinner of sushi, ARTISAN bread and maybe a jug or two of wine. It’s not like he has to slave over the stove or anything!

  22. mmmmm sushi

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