Urine leg and sweet dreams

Up at 3:30 after a short night of kind of sleeping. Usually the dog sleeps in the bedroom at night, and Scott gets the rest of the house to himself. Last night, though, what with a splinted leg and one of those crazy collars, I decided to keep him with me.

Actually, his leg isn’t splinted: he has a catheter in it, left from the day at the veterinarian. They used it to administer fluids. The idea was that he would come home with me last night, and I would keep an eye on him to see if he can keep down food (yes) and not have diarrhea (another yes). So this morning, since he had a good night and won’t need to spend another day over there hooked up to an IV, I will bring him by at 7:30 and they will remove the catheter and collar.

Okay, so the leg has the catheter, and they wrapped it in a bunch of tape to stabilize it. Scott does NOT like the tape, hence the collar. It is a little amusing, because he is not a graceful creature to begin with, and navigating the collar is beyond him. I just try to keep him still, because anytime he walks around he crashes into things and then just stops, because it makes him confused. So you find him stuck on the legs of furniture or corners of the wall, like one of those toys that goes until it hits something.

His thing last night, as we tried to sleep, was to lie ON me. Usually he curls up near people, but last night he was determined to lie on top of me. Which meant the plastic collar kept hitting me in the face, and then he’d get an itch in the splinted leg, which he’d shake, violently, and hit me upside the head. Oh, and did I mention that when he used the litter box he got some urine on the splint leg? Yeah, nice. I was awakened at least once an hour by a smack in the head from the urine leg.

It’s funny in retrospect.

Dreamt we were back in New York, and that we lived in an apartment building with lots of secret passageways. Scotty was a young kitten prone to wandering, and the whole dream was about me and the dog trying to find him as we crawled through inaccessible spaces in the huge apartment building. At the end, we found ourselves outside, lying on the ground. The cat crawled up to lie on the dog’s back. All of our neighbors in the apartment building were lying out on the ground, too. I looked up into the sky and there were wisps of what looked like smoke, in beautifully well-defined shapes, in every shade of gray. I asked the neighbors about these blossoms of gray and was told they were special fireworks — monochromatic and silent.

And we all lay on the earth and watched the show in silence.


I knew it was going to be a busy day, so the early start to practice will actually be quite handy.

Happy Friday!


11 Responses

  1. that dream was so beautiful. it reminded me of dreams i have of looking for my kids. mine aren’t usually that beautiful, though. no fireworks, usually natural disaster.

  2. It was a really peaceful dream! The ones where I look for My Gift (which I still have, by the way) are usually terrifying.

  3. The fireworks part is AMAZING. Speaks of other realms.

    I cannot believe you linked to an Elizabethan collar. Laughing…

  4. Good dream!!!! Mine are usually traumatic and scary. You are clearly more enlightened than I!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Enlightened? Not hardly. πŸ™‚

    Owl, I feel compelled to look things up on wikipedia, and then I must link them, in order to share with the world!

  6. Mmmm. I just had a flashback to the dream and realized that the fireworks weren’t being shot up from the ground, but rather, were being shot from the sky toward us. I guess it really was another realm.

  7. hi karen
    you dream about your daughter. i dream about my sister (the one closest to me in age.) this week’s dream was that we were at some sea side resort and a truck carrying many shoes for sale passed by and she grabbed a pair. they were canvas shoes with elevated triangular backs (i don’t know what those are called). she said, “these should work well if I sit on them in the sand for a while.” so she sat on them at the beach to wear them down a bit and then put them on. she was happy. i don’t know why i’m sharing that, but i hope it’s entertaining, because it’s making me laugh as i write it.

  8. Shot from the sky? In my line of work, we call that “incoming fire.” Take cover.

  9. You complete me. πŸ™‚

  10. you’re are such a lovely couple!

  11. Thanks, Arturo. We’re definitely a good example of people who are very different in some ways and very similar in others.

    I liked your beach dream with your sister!

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