The Dirt Ramp and the Motorcycles, Talking to Tova

We are getting rid of our pool. We don’t use it, but it sucks up water and electricity. It doesn’t fit into The Cop’s plans for our environmentally-responsible lifestyle.

A guy is going to come over with heavy machinery and dig it all up, then fill the hole back in with dirt.

So I just said to the Cop, “When we have the dirt in the backyard, I want to make a dirt ramp. To practice chakrasana and dropbacks.”

He rolled his eyes. “So you’re going to go out in the backyard and lie in the dirt?”

“No,” I replied. “I am going to put something over the dirt before I lie on it.” Probably his yoga mat, if he keeps the bad attitude.

“Do you want to just bring the dirt in here? Maybe in the yoga room?”

I went into the kitchen to do other things. He came in and said, “I’m going to sell my motorcycle. And then I’m going to buy two motorcycles.”

I didn’t get the low down on why he wants two, because I was busy pointing out that I get grief for wanting to make a ramp of dirt with dirt that will already be in the backyard, and here he is, asking about having two motorcycles.

“Did it sound like I was asking?” He started laughing. “Oh, I’m not asking.”

So I guess the new thing around here is going to be a dirt ramp in the backyard and two motorcycles. You know the whole thing about keeping up with The Joneses? Yeah, I think we’re off that grid.


I got to talk to Tova today. On the phone.



3 Responses

  1. i hope your ears weren’t ringing after i yakked for so long πŸ™‚
    you should get this for your chakrasana. tell the cop he can trade in his motorcycle and get another motorcyle and a gymnastics wedge for you! keeping up with the Joneses is for the birds! i hope dinner was delicious!

  2. Yes! That wedge is exactly what I’m going for with my backyard dirt pile! I have a prop addiction, so of course I’ve looked at gymnastics equipment in the past. Once I heard we’d have a dirt back yard for a while, I immediately thought of making my own prop from the earth. How yogic.

    Dinner was yummy. Eggplant parmesan. My favorite.

    My ears weren’t ringing at all! It was a pleasure.

  3. The Cop is simply hilarious! “I’m not asking”…….cracked me up!

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