Whine, whine, ache, ache, dream

Weird achey stuff these days. Last night: Traps = ow! To the point of slathering on China Gel & wrapping up in a pashmina. Is it bad that this is how I use the beautiful pashmina someone gave me? Aw, it felt soooo good.

I made artisan bread and chatted with My Gift, who was making chai latte cupcakes for a potluck dinner. She is a new baker, and was very concerned about the recipe — particularly since she lives at high altitude. I looked up some resources on high altitude baking and we revised her recipe accordingly. Later she texted me: “They’re cupcakes!” Then, a couple of hours later: “And they’re delicious!”


This morning, I woke up with sore eyes. Kind of eyestrainy feeling. Thought, “I’ve been looking at things too hard.”

Work has been super-left brainy lately, so my thought felt kind of metaphorical. Left brain stuff is learned behavior for me, and I’m quite good at it, but gosh, sometimes it gets carried away.

Logic. Vastly overrated. Though lovely when applied judiciously.


In October I got all hot and bothered about my non-chakrasana. Practiced persistently with something under my shoulders day after day for four months, and while I understand the motion now, I still totally suck at it. In part, I think, because I have an inflexible neck. This explains my strong dislike of sarvangasana and halasana and karnapidasana. At this point, I am digging into those poses a bit more, pushing myself a bit, and hence, I suspect, the trappy pain and suffering.


In addition to the previous whines, I have a recurring mild sore throat. Hey, is this because I’m paperclipping my throat, I wonder? When I move a joint/limb/whatever a lot one way and then a lot the other way, I inevitably think about a paper clip and how if you bend it back and forth long enough, the metal fails and it all falls apart. Perhaps not the most helpful visualization.


So, the paperclipping the throat chakra project. Chakrasana/closing poses versus all the jalandahara bandha. I was kinda snappish with someone at work yesterday. Not snarky, but a little hyper-logical, a little too quick to respond in an objective, Mr. Spock, “your logic is flawed, humanoid,” sort of way. I had an almost immediate impulse to apologize, and, simultaneously, an impulse not to respond in a usual fashion (to apologize). So I left it alone. Maybe the paperclipping of my throat chakra has a lesson in it. We’ll wait a bit and see.


Remembered, as I had my morning coffee, that in my dreams Volleyball Guy was overseeing me in hanumanasana. Told me to reach way back and grab the back foot. Which I did rather easily.


It was good to see him.


8 Responses

  1. I am Chakrasana-challenged, too, and have been avoiding it lately. The funny thing is that once you start doing LBH poses, chakrasana and the closing sequence become even more important, to release some of the pressure one has been putting on their neck. There is a lesson for me there, but I’m being stubborn.

  2. ***warning: don’t take advice on posture from people who can’t perform said posture***

    last sunday’s advice on chakrasana: do not set up hands too soon, UD-style, as is temptation. roll back as if for shoulderstand and push down with upper arms for momentum, then place hands, push into hands and complete roll.

    surprisingly, it worked like a charm!

  3. I have an abundance of sport- and fight-related injuries and the last six(ish) weeks of thrice-weekly yoga have reminded me of most of them. Both ankles= bad. Both big toes=bad. Left brachialis (sp?)=super bad. The worst? My inner thighs high up near my groin. Ouch. I really, really hope I don’t have to chase anyone anytime soon.

    “Sir, sir, please stop running and let me put these shiny bracelets on you. My yoga injuries are making running after you very painful …” Can you imagine?

  4. hi karen
    i know this sounds unusual, but if you think the words, “chakrasana to chaturanga” or “chakrasana to upward dog” it takes out the psychological fear of what may happen to the neck. in reality you’re supposed to land in chaturanga. of course, it’s difficult to get that right. if you move sufficiently fast, you can more or less do it. i find that if my focus is on this, i don’t spend any time in a strange angle that might hurt the neck. hope that helps.

  5. Title is swinging from everyday poetry in to haiku territory. So good.

    Just in case you’re not all thinking this already, might I plant the seed of (drumroll, Cody Pomeray announcer-voice):

    The Cop, Guest Blogger

    (Probably best hosted at Carl’s or OKRGR’s place….)

  6. DZM, how can I get the recipe for chai latte cupcakes????? Pretty please?

  7. I can’t do chakrasana but I taught a friend to do it (those who can’t, teach!). I used Tim Miller’s advice about using a blanket
    It worked wonders for her. I still can’t do it because of my whole back situation but if that ever resolves itself, I will try!

    I agree with (OvO): MORE COP! Kind of like more cowbell…

  8. oh, yes, The Cop as guest blogger, please.

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