Laghu V, More Copisms, Italianism

So I get to laghu vajrasana and think, stricken, “What if I can’t do it anymore?” Aw geez, seriously? I just laughed at myself and went on. And it was fine.

Work, work, workity work that mind, Karen.

Here’s the video of a jumpback that made The Cop so happy.

Last night, out of the blue, he announced, “I don’t think about yoga much.” Um, okay. And this morning he said, “I am mostly interested in the athletic parts.” I sense cult-resistance. Nevertheless, we discussed jump backs and jump throughs. Of course, it was hilarious, because as soon as you start thinking about your jump through, you’re pretty much destined to go totally uncoordinated and take a header right off your mat. Yup. Just delightful to watch him learn this lesson.

Utthita hasta padangusthasana. Like many (most?) men, The Cop struggles mightily with this pose. As I have mentioned before, I generally don’t try to teach him anything or say anything unless he asks. This morning, I fell for it and spoke up: “You know about picking a focal point, yes?”

“It doesn’t work,” he said, with finality.

I was already committed, so I explained a little about how and where to focus, blah blah blah… Oh, I’m sorry, was I saying something? LOL! He was having none of it. Focal points do not work, and even if they do at first, as soon as you turn your head for the second part of UHP, you fall over. It’s a law of nature and no one is exempt. Well, except for small women. It’s not possible for men, especially tall ones. God, I love this guy. I can easily imagine bringing him to a shala and showing him a tall fellow using gazing points to keep his balance throughout UHP. That wouldn’t prove my point, though, because The Cop would just look at me and rationalize it thusly, “Well, that guy’s a tool.”


I am eating (more accurately, inhaling) a salad at my desk. And guess what else?? ARTISAN bread! I love this stuff. Between the artisan bread and the homemade pasta, I’m sure to develop a gluten intolerance. Not really — half of my family is melancholy Irish, but the other half is Italian. Pasta and bread, baby!! Bring it on!


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  1. *HOWLING* “that guy’s a tool.”

    Dude, I am SUCH a tool, where UHP is concerned. I too found it completely beyond physics, to swing the leg out to the side. Now, on a good day, nothing to it.

  2. And, for the record, I never met Ekachakra (whose site that is), but he and I were briefly in Bloomington at the same time, and he used to climb at *ahem* my climbing gym. There are some RAD videos on his blog.

  3. Oy, UHP. That pose makes me cranky.

  4. Karen, this comment is the act of unselfishness and compassion. If it is too long then, you deserve it. if it is too too long then delete it.

    I just listened Richard Freeman, sorry, I don’t see any real (of concrete value) teaching there. I’m practical man. 🙂 I deal with the last teaching.

    The last teaching comes when you are ripe and unaffected by any sort of self-concerns. Only then you are able to take the Beingness alone to be true so you can treat all else as untrue.

    What formless means? It means to be without concepts or ideas. It means to be “aware” of thoughtless state where “time” is not.

    Our Beingness is One. It can not be perceived. Our true form is like space. What is “form”? It knowledge of “something”. Get another point of view: replace the world of energy with the world of Knowledge. There is no Path of Energy but there is Path of Knowledge.

    Mind, senses and objects (forms) are the objects of Knowledge. But Knowledge (I AM) can not be understood by or through the mind.

    Knowledge is object for “that which is beyond Knowledge”.
    “I AM” is sense for “that which is beyond I AM”.
    Beingness is TO BE for “that which is beyond Beingness”.
    (Knowledge = I AM = Beingness).

    This world and other worlds are only Knowledge, in the form of I AM (General Knowledge, knowledge of nothing in particular). The “void” (unnoticed space) between your eyes and the moon (for example, or any other object) is General Knowledge. It is your I AM sense in its pure form. Knowledge itself can only being seen by setting aside both “the seeing” (the instrument of sight) and the thought “I am the seer” (the intellect). To know Pure Knowledge (I AM, Beingness) really means not to know it, and once “known” in this way, the ”knower” himself becomes Pure Knowledge. He is in the state of lightning up the energy body – the entrance into the fire from within.

    In trying to meet Pure Knowledge one becomes separated from it. But there is always union with it without trying to meet it. This puzzle is very difficult. There is no journey, “you have it” all the time.

    Your exact position is this. You are the One who knows everyone, but you are not known by anyone. Yet, if you try to know your Beingness (Pure Knowledge, I AM) you are nothing but a fool because in your very search for yourself you have actually lost yourself. All “search” should be placed to get rid of wrong understanding. No other “search” is necessary. Desire “to know” Yourself must be left behind. For, what is knowledge in reality? The objective knowledge is that which is NOT. Your Ignorance is that which does not exist. So you forget that which IS and you take that which is NOT and claim it as knowledge something. It works like a microscope. Objective knowledge enlarges the abstract knowledge (ideas) which in Reality has no existence.

    More Information about this theory: Master of Self-Realization by Sadguru Siddharameshvar Maharaj

    But knowing the theory is not enough. You must BE the teachings so here is the practice for you: Meditation (sitting or laying down):

    1. When the Gross (the first energy field) and the Subtle (the second energy field) are negated (in perfect balance) the instruments of the mind and intellect are broken up.

    2. The obtained state is that of Causal Body – the body of forgetfulness. There, in complete darkness and heaviness of the “incoming sleep” KEEP I AM SENSE, just awareness.

    3. “The eyes are windows of our intent”. Keep the windows CLOSED. Go INWARD and STAY Aware. Be there until you sense a “floating feeling” of energy movements, THEN go OUTWARD through the windows.

    4. Keep eyes closed by place attention outward. Just look outward. No thought, no dreams, just awareness but now look through the windows (look through the eyes with awareness). This is the third attention. This look is the third attention. When it is performed right the feeling of moving forward is felt (but please do not expect or search to feel it). You should be in the state of dreaming awake without thoughts.

    Fly to the Abode of Gods.

  5. Italian and Irish. I envy your heritage.

    I’m a short woman but still i struggle every now and then with my balance. I blame the rave monkeys in my head.

  6. I love this post. My husband has just started practicing yoga with me as of the beginning of January. It has put a whole new meaning on practicing yoga and on patience too. I am trying to be careful about letting him “feel” his way into yoga without me correcting, reacting and criticising…why is that so hard to do when it is a spouse???…especially an oppinionated stubburn spouse who also happend to be a man….OH that must be it…the man thing…how foolish of me!! LOL
    I laughed out loud reading your conversation and the cops comments about focus. That could have been a conversation between us!! Do all men think alike?
    I have to say that in this short time since January my husband has found that, yes, focus does work and he can now happily balance in tree.

  7. Your husband cracks me up!

  8. hi karen
    i’ve been gaining weight eating at all the blogger’s pages who are baking artisan bread.
    that video of the chaturanga float is of a typical guy with great upper body strengh that can jump up as if into a handstand to then land on the floor. the blog is great, I’m sure to visit it again. there are three guys in my shala that can do handstands several times during the standing sequences, and they would be the ones who can do those floaty versions.
    i’ve heard that flat footed guys have more trouble with UHP. is the Cop flat footed? i am. it tends to cause us to hop around sometimes while doing it. on sundays my mind and body are more calm and i can do it pretty well; also on days where there has been a good overall practice week. i find it helpful to think of the tourquitenor major at the hip socket opening for UHP B. regarding the focal point, why don’t you suggest what you suggested for me, the tip of the nose, or a zazen gaze, rather than a point in the distance? it works for me.

  9. Arturo, you crack me up! (By the way: )

    I have spoken with the floating man and he’s really sweet. For some insane reason, he does not practice Mysore. Incredibly, he seems to be doing great without it. Boggles my mind.

    Not that I think about these things. I don’t really think about yoga. (Cop = hilarious.)

  10. Hysterical. Every time you write about the cop I insert ‘BF’s name’. He would have said EXACTLY the same thing.

  11. Hi (0v0)
    yes, that is very good advice for flat footedness at UHP time. Thanks, it’s well written. I remember now that Tias Little recommended the same arching for the same pose.
    Cheers, Arturo

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