Auras, My Heart

My Gift just sent me a link to one of our favorite science writers: Oliver Sacks, neurologist, humanist, and delightful writer. The link is about migraine, a subject of great interest to both My Gift and myself, as we are (as are the majority of people in our family) migraineurs. I used to get pain after the aura, but for the past almost 10 years the pain has not been an issue; all I get now are the visual and neurological effects. It’s kind of cool.

For Valentine’s Day, I sent My Gift a Playstation 2 and her favorite video game, Amplitude. She left those two items behind when she went off to school and The Cop sold them on eBay or Craig’s List or something. Anything that is left around for more than a minute or two gets sold online by The Cop. If ever I go missing, head over to Craig’s List and search for “Small woman, obsessed with yoga and deeply attached (with great delight) to the relative.” And then, buy me back! Actually, The Cop mostly buys and sells cars and trucks and motorcycles. He likes to have a project in the garage at all times, and has done all kinds of work on his various mechanical toys, which are then sold before the next toy moves in.

Despite his bad habits of selling other family members’ stuff and swearing (loudly) at projects in the garage, I got a Valentine’s gift for The Cop. Check it out. I always feel like a big space-hog when I go to a shala with my black mat. I lent my extra one to The Cop when he wanted to practice with me, but even though the Manduka is big, it cannot contain his vinyasa-y goodness. Seriously. His feet always go off the end. And not because of poor form or lack of control. It’s ’cause he’s 6’2″. Is the 85″ mat a lot longer than the 70″? Well, yeah, duh, by 15 inches. Seriously, though, when you unroll this thing, it seems to go on forever. It’s kind of hilarious.

So My Gift has a new toy and The Cop has a new mat. A big mat for a big man. Wink, wink. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    That’s a thoughtful gift for The Cop. I once gave a yogini a Manduka because she lost hers at the airport on the way back from India. To thank me, she gave me a painting made by her of a monkey holding lotus flowers. A cousin of mine who lives in Florida is also married to a cop that also has projects in the garage. He had a 1950s car on a rotisserie in there, fixing it from all angles, plus a historic tractor. That rotisserie was fun to see.
    Cheers, Arturo

  2. What loving gifts!
    Guilty confession: I have the 85 inch mat. And I’m 5’3″. Not sure I deserve it, but it is nice to be able to jump through and back and through and back without scooching up or down. And all the while be supported by black manduka goodness. Space hog I am.

    When unrolled, it definitely resembles a landing strip.

    Did you know that they make (or made) 100″ mandukas as well?

  3. LOL! That’s hilarious, Jenna. Do people make fun of you when you go to the shala? I can’t even begin to imagine a 100″ Manduka. I guess it’d come in handy for NBA players who want to do Ashtanga. 😉

  4. It’s so cool that the Cop does yoga and works on cars and mechanical things in the garage.

    And I think you do it together, too, right? I think a lot of people would be jealous about that cuz they can’t get their partners to do yoga. It’s certainly true in my case!

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