All the screwing up adds up to something in the end

Pec pain. Last night, The Cop laughed at me and said, “It’s Karen logic: ‘Oh, my shoulder can’t rotate in either direction, but that’s okay, because my chest is opening!'”

Today I really did back off. I think.

Put the consciousness in my legs and moola bandha and set off. Practice was good, though the pec was pretty achey for the second half of primary.

Got to urdhva dhanurasana and collected my prize for being good: I’ve been pushing and pushing to get my hands closer to my feet, my chest more open, etc. Tightening the bow, basically. Today I went with a looser bow, a backing off, and in it, I found a super lightness in my arms. All of the energy/weight was in my legs and moola bandha, and my hands are starting to come up off the floor a bit. A new kind of counterbalance. Wouldn’t have found it if I’d been working harder.

So I’ll play with light and loose for a while.

And then go back to tightening the bow.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


From Moola Bandha: The Master Key:

The yamas were designed to harmonize one’s social interactions, while niyamas were intended to harmonize one’s feelings. Together the yamas and niyamas were taught in order to reduce friction between one’s outer actions and inner attitudes.

This is a really interesting book. I totally didn’t get it the first time I read it. Important to keep going back to the things you can’t understand…


Thanks for the suggestion about lying over the blocks, Arturo. I didn’t have time this morning (yes, another early meeting!) but will try it later. A good way to keep the muscles open without putting too much stress on them.


5 Responses

  1. All the screwing up… ahha, yamas-niyamas, something to keep in mind when following the spiritual transformation. Also Karen, you may want to purchase online a $60 kundalini necklace with $20 hanging moola-bandha pendant and $40 for matching bracelet. Total $125 for enlightenment… not so bad at all.

  2. 🙂 I love a bargain.

  3. Hi Karen
    Yes, you’re welcome. I reflected that it could help you in the following way. It might give you a different way to push the spine outward, while letting the diaphragm rest. In looking at the picture of you resting on the rack, the spine gets some opening, but the diaphragm is pushed as well. With the blocks, you could experiment with a different dynamics. SPL does a lot of LBH poses and she does this passive chest opening exercise with blocks to help warm up for them.

  4. Arturo… out of love for yoga Karen is on the mat every morning, she works on her destiny, not back-bands or shoulder opening or “block experimenting with a different dynamics”, but her destiny. Never forget that! Her destiny is her desire to be the particular with all personal past and future. (Laksmi is this said correctly?) Anyway, Arturo, look at her, what a wonderful woman she is! And yet how troubled and limited her life is. How utterly dependent yogini she is and how indifferent is her yoga-world. And yet she love it and protect it for its very insignificance.

    I love this woman.

  5. I do love the relative and (in?) the absolute. 🙂 In fact, I’m going to post a poem about it!

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