Mexican mistake, Barley tea, Lurkers to Yogamum

Two words.

Chili relleno.

Gah! What was I thinking?

Mexican food is spicy and that makes pitta go crazy. This morning, as we stood next to each other on our mats, I kicked at The Cop. “Don’t make me angry and wanting to fight before yoga,” he said. As is the custom in our house, I then said, “Touch gloves.” We touched our fists together like fighters at the start of a match. Then we breathed in and began the suryas.

Did I mention the chili relleno?

I had a very heavy tummy this morning. My joints felt fabulous, as they often do after I eat fatty food, but the penalty (pepper burps) was too great.


Started a really interesting book last night: In Defense of Food. The whole “food science” thing freaks me out to start with. I mean it’s cool to know how leavening works chemically to make a cake rise (I’m less bitter about the whole thing now that the oven seems to be back on track) — but this book is talking about the food science that fiddles with nutrients and processes food-like pseudo-food to sell to people for profit.

It was fascinating to read about the way the industry focused on macronutrients (i.e., protein, carbs, fats) and then started mucking about with proportions, etc., in order to deliver “healthy” nutrition. The catch: these “ideal” ratios of proteins/carbs/fats are then delivered in a processed food item designed for maximum “deliciousness.” Except that deliciousness is processed, too, and messes with the organism’s taste and ability to discern healthy food.

I love this book because I don’t like processed food, and if other people catch on to the idea, I won’t be the weirdo eating rice and veggies at work anymore. We’ll ALL be doing it!


Yesterday I had a huge hankering for barley tea. I had some in Singapore. It reminds me of zendo meals. Basically, I love the stuff. So when The Cop and I were out running errands yesterday, I tried to find some at Whole Foods. No luck.

Sure enough, though, I found a recipe online. All I need is some barley. So I wrote “barley” on the shopping list for this week. The Cop does the shopping, I do the cooking. As I was leaving for work this morning, he reviewed the list because, according to him, sometimes I put weird things on the list.

“Barley?!” he exclaimed.
“Yes, for my tea,” I said.
“Where do I find barley?”
“I told you last night, remember?”
“Yes. I wasn’t listening.”
“It’s a grain. It should be near the rice. All I need to do is roast it and then boil it in water and strain it for tea.”
The Cop laughs delightedly, “Whoa! That’s gonna suck!”


Urdhva dhanurasana update: Things are going well. Current focus is on stretching open from the ribs to the hips. At least I’m thinking about the front of my body. That’s a new one! Incremental progress…


Today is the last day of Lurkers’ Amnesty. What a fun thing that was. Feel free to de-lurk anytime you like, folks. It’s really nice to hear from people.

Tomorrow the baton is passed to you, Yogamum. Everyone! Go over there!


7 Responses

  1. Hi Karen
    I always manage to skedaddle out of oriyoki breakfast during daylongs at the Zen Center. Something about pickled daikon radishes, gruel and miso soup for breakfast may have to do with it. I’m happy with some fruit, nuts and coffee, but it’s not available.

    Michael Pollan seems to be reaching everyone. I hear more and more discussions about his books around our office. That’s encouraging. You have to watch out for those greedy food manufacturers who produce a lot of junk food under the guise of it being vegan and low fat.


  2. Ruh-roh, as ScoobyDoo would say, I thought it was today and jumped the gun and already posted my delurking thingie.

    *hanging head in shame*

    Hey lurkers, don’t go to my blog until TUESDAY!!!

    The Cop’s assessment of barley tea is hilarious. I just got my husband turned on to genmai cha (green tea with brown rice) and he loves it.

  3. Oh, no worries! Lurkers’ Amnesty at Yogamum’s!

    Have fun!

    Arturo, I love Asian breakfast. Though I did mistakenly eat some “pork floss” in Singapore. That wasn’t so good.

  4. I didn’t watch this, but friends said it was great and I bet DZM and Arturo would enjoy it.

  5. Hi donutszenmom! A little last-minute delurking.. i love your blog – it has a nice balance of zen, yoga and ‘real life’ all intermingled, the way they really are. The practice vignettes wtith the Cop are delightful. Good luck with the backbends!! Relaxing the front helps so much, just letting the navel sink down to the spine so you get a strong effortless uddiyana and long body.
    susan x

  6. Thanks, (0v0), that was really interesting. Cheers, Arturo

  7. Was the barley tea better than store bought?

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