Must post about this & keep de-lurking, you guys

Okay, I am going to take 20 FULL minutes for lunch. Work has been a madhouse for weeks and I have to put my foot down and eat lunch for once.

That sounds pathetic, huh? So check out this story, which is even MORE pathetic:

I was just in a protracted meeting regarding a particularly complex, high-visibility project with dramatic revenue implications. Hours and hours go by. Gah! I have an Excel spreadsheet that I’m working on projected onto the screen as we go so I can take notes and document a bazillion details and dependencies.

In one cell, where I intend to type the year 2010, I inadvertently type “2110.” And I look at the date and think, “Oh, 2110. I’ll be dead then.” And I actually feel a sense of relief and happiness.


7 Responses

  1. Fuckin’ a.

    Oh wait, reincarnation…

  2. LOL! But I’ll get to be dead for a while.

  3. You clearly work too hard! go talk to Julie and you two get some rest inmediately.

  4. Familiar, familiar familiar. How many times have I said, “you know, this student loan debt might outlive me………….hey, WAIT A MINUTE, this student loan debt MIGHT OUTLIVE ME!” At that point, it’s comedy.

  5. You’ll appreciate this, Patrick. When I was climbing every weekend, my Mom was beside herself with fears for my safety. I cheerfully reassured her: “If I die this weekend, I don’t have to go to work on Monday!”

  6. More indications that “dying practice” is good for you…

  7. You know I have had moments like that too…Oh, I’ll be dead then. “Whew!”

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