Dharana, Moon Day, More non-lurking

Yesterday I did a presentation via webconference to all of our Advisory Boards. Not quite as high pressure as the in-person Board of Directors presentation in August, but still enough to make me uncomfortable. My topic: future trends in the world and the workplace.

Went off well enough, I thought, though I wondered a couple of times if I was speaking too quickly. At the end, though, many of the folks who were in the room congratulated me on my presentation skills. This is hilarious, because I HATE doing presentations and always feel like I really suck at them.

My secret at this point is that I make my slide deck, then put on the voice-to-text microphone and do an ad hoc rendition of the presentation. Then I polish up the script that’s generated and practice it a bazillion times, until it sounds like I am actually a calm, well-organized person sharing some new ideas. I don’t follow the script word for word, but I do know what I’m gonna say.

So, basically, I feel like I have a great cheat. And I learned to modulate my voice and sound relaxed and conversational back in the days when I did poetry readings. So combine those factors and you end up with my Director asking if I would be kind enough to coach people on their presentation skills.

It’s kind of like having your boss ask you to coach people in whatever your worst nightmare is about.

She sat next to me during the webconference. Afterwards, she said, “I could see you were breathing. I always forget to breathe.” Thank you, practice. Thank you, dharana.


Moon Day, thank God. I am tired. Last night I celebrated with homemade pasta and a strawberry cupcake with a LOT of cream cheese frosting. Mmmm.

And yes, I said a cupcake. The oven made cupcakes! I did two things that might have fixed the oven problem: 1) I pushed and jiggled the heating elements to ensure their electrical connection, and 2) I heated the oven up for a really long time (by baking some tofu before making the cupcakes). Why do I always alter more than one variable in these instances? Sigh. Now I’m not sure what “fixed” the oven. I guess there is one more potential baking flop as I determine which of the two variables is actually the one that mattered.


There is still time to de-lurk, dear readers. Quite honestly, I am curious as to why people might be inclined to stay silent. Rebecca’a comment that Ashtangi.net can be intimidating, and Kayla’s comment about there being “cool kids” are interesting. So let’s just say this right up front: I promise I won’t be snarky or rude to anyone who comments on my blog. We’re not cool over here — we’re just chatting. So feel free. Sometimes it’s nice to talk. Or not. You can make that call.

Happy Moon Day.

12 Responses

  1. Why are some of us inclined to stay silient? I’ve learned that for the most part I having nothing relevant, important, or interesting to say and I’m old enough to know that I will eventually get myself into trouble.

  2. Hello from London! I don’t usually lurk here, but I’ll add you to my blog feed now 🙂
    My biggest problem is that there are so many good blogs, but not enough time to read them!

  3. I totally agree with you on the issue of “cool kids”. I’m not sure who these cool kids are or where they hang out, but I hope that I never give off the vibe of being exclusive or cliquish in posts or comments.

  4. Hi Donutszenmom,

    Thanks for taking turn in hosting Delurking Week. I am a self-practitioner who now only sees her teacher once a year at most. For me the hardest aspect of a self-practice is the lack of a sangha. I get inspiration, information (and the odd bit of fun) from the internet ashtanga community and the variety of people out there. As for the lack of commenting from a lot of us, I see a similarity with the shala situation where we draw energy from people around us without necessarily knowing them personally or ever engaging with them verbally. Sometimes a smile is all that is needed. I also think that a certain amount of ego-detachment is needed for jumping out there!

    So here’s my smile to you from the corner of my electronic mat!

    Friend of Frogs and Squirrels, DC

  5. It is so inspiring to see new people here. Hi!

  6. OLD DUDE, you are wiser than the rest of us!

    Hi Clare!

    Cody, you are perhaps the most egalitarian of all the bloggers I can think of. AND you have podcasts.

    Friend of Fs&Ss, I love your explanation of why people read but don’t necessarily post. The sangha energy explanation rocks. Thanks for that. Your suggestion that bloggers are detached from their egos, though? I don’t know about THAT! LOL!

    Owl. As always.

  7. Not exactly de-lurking since I commented here once before..about my tingly foot. Happy to say that the tingly foot era is over! I had a specific exercise to try and solve the problem, which involved small lifts of the leg while lying down and lifting my torso from the ground. not sure if they worked, but something did.

  8. >Your suggestion that bloggers are detached from their egos, though? I don’t know >about THAT! LOL!

    Well, some more than others! LOL! It’s all good though.

    Friend of Fs&Ss

  9. Hi Karen
    Those are great presentation tips. I had heard about but have not been exposed to voice to text microphone/software setup as a way to generate your presentation and polish the script.
    Glad your cupcakes finally came out perfectly.
    Friend of Fs&Ss observations are very good. This topic of ego detachment for jumping out there is interesting. I think Cody thinks blogging is all about ego. Perhaps. But I think there is some detachment. At some point you don’t really want to be stating everything going on in your life to the blogworld, so doing so requires some detachment from oneself. I’m not sure if I’m making sense.
    Patrick I feel for your debt burdern.
    Cheers, Arturo

  10. Ah yes, I remember the tingly foot! 🙂

    Hi Arturo. I think the best presentation tip was the one that said you should practice the presentation at least 4 times. It’s a bit time-consuming, but it really helps.

  11. Thanks Karen, that’s very kind of you to say!


    I don’t think blogging is all about ego, but I do think that you need to have a healthy ego (self confidence) in order to survive as a blogger. Yes, some people seem to blog in order to shine up their self-image, but many other people blog for community, for self expression, as a creative outlet, or for many other reasons. So, I half agree with your assessment!

  12. Hi Karen! I’ve been meaning to de-lurk, not that I’m exactly a lurker since I comment more on your blog than any others (it’s such a calm, enlightened, welcoming blog). Greetings from my electronic mat! (Love that image from Frogs & Squirrels.)

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