More dinner conversation, Notes from the orgone box, Lurker extravaganza

At dinner last night, The Cop said, “Yoga is doing something.”

“Really?!” I said, feigning surprise.

He noted my sarcasm and went on. “It’s doing something to my body. I’m not sure what. Or where.”

Then he thought about it for a moment and added, “It’s cracking something open, something I don’t know about.”

Yup. It’s working.


From Moola Bandha, The Master Key:

Character armour, for [Wilhelm] Reich, represented layers of defence mechanisms which had been psychosomatically transferred into the physical body and could be pictorially schematized similar to geological or archaeological stratification. As such it represented the ‘solidified history, of the patient, the deeper tensions being the oldest.’ Reich states that conflicts which have been active at a certain period of life always leave their traces in the character, in the form of physical and mental rigidity. Each conflict forms a layer in the individual’s character. Each of these layers in the character structure is a piece of life history which is preserved in another form, that is, physically, and is still active. He demonstrated that by loosening up these layers, the old conflicts could — more or less easily — be revived. If the layers were particularly numerous and functioning automatically, if they formed a compact unit which was difficult to penetrate, they seemed like an ‘armour’ surrounding the living organism. The armour may be superficial or deep-lying, soft as a sponge or hard as nails.

I haven’t thought about Reich in years. And the moral of the story: go easy on the conflicts you construct and cultivate and absorb!


Lurkers’ Amnesty. A couple of things. It’s so nice to hear from folks! Thanks, you guys. Still, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Unless, of course, it’s my Mom who made those other couple hundred hits yesterday. If so, Mom, just log in and say “hi!” And quit watching my life so carefully. It’s creepy!

And Kayla, seriously — there are no cool kids. Anyone who thinks they are, isn’t.

And a housekeeping note: Carl will be away for vacation and unable to run the next Lurker’s Amnesty. Perhaps you would like to, Yogamum? It starts on Tuesday. And when you are handing off, perhaps you can check with Carl and see if he’s ready? Though if he’s suffering from debauchery in Encinitas, he might need another week off.


12 Responses

  1. I lurked for awhile, on and off, before I started commenting anywhere. The funniest is that I was reading First Trip to Mysore way before I even knew who Linda was!

    Anyway, good morning… have a good day everyone! : )

  2. Yup. Yoga works, and the internet works. All is well. 🙂

    Good luck with the studying, Anna.

  3. Thank you! I fully intend to work debauchery in to my study schedule, though. : )

    I have no emoticons to make nice smiley faces like yours!

  4. I make up a couple of those hits from yesterday; actually I make up a fraction of your weekly hits, and most of the time I lurk.

    Do you know a film called _WR: Mysteries of the Organism_? Loosely about Reich….very loosely, eventually 😀

  5. hi, i’m a frequent reader but infrequent commenter (the world of ashtangi. net keeps me inspired and entertained but does seem an intimidating one at times). i really appreciate your writing, your quotes, the insight you bring to both asana and sitting. thanks for that 🙂

  6. I am soooo envious that the cop is such an easy student.  My husband is a total rebel when it comes to me teaching him, and he just questions and makes fun of it all.  Meanwhile, he is freakishly flexible for someone who never stretches.  Grrrr.

  7. Hey Patrick, no I haven’t seen that film! I’ll check it out. Reich always did kind of freak me out. I should go back and see if my resistance was misplaced.

    Hi Rebecca! Thanks for de-lurking. seems intimidating, eh? LOL! For some reason that reminds me of a quiz Yogadawg has on his site.

    Q: Why do you hate yoga?
    A: The Ashtangis always beat me up.

    Makes me laugh every time. Do feel free to de-lurk any time you like!

    And yes, Lauren, The Cop is a good student. Despite himself. 😉 He is a very good counterbalance for me, too. He tolerates NO mystical discussion. In the end, though, I adore him because he lets me be myself. And I try to return the favor.

    Oh, I do have to mention that he gave me a lovely baddha konasana adjustment this morning. I said, “Thanks,” at the end, and he said, “I showed you respect. I didn’t monkey-hump you during the adjustment, even though it would have been funny.” Yup, Prince Charming.

  8. I’d love to host the delurking thingie next week — I can then pass it on to Carl for the following week if that works.

  9. *monkey-hump” LMFAO…..

    see Karen, this is obviously why I keep checking out your blog.

  10. Alrighty, then, YM! You’re the next amnesty blogger.

    I’m noticing, Patrick, that stories about The Cop seem to particularly resonate with the male readership…

  11. That’s because the Cop embodies the archetypal male ashtanga point of view.

    The monkey hump is an integral component of male chitta vritti when confronted with females in certain asanas.

  12. Thanks, Cop. I just spat the cake I was eating when I got to the monkey hump. But thanks for the laugh!

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