Lurkers’ Amnesty. Say hi!

What is lurkers’ amnesty? It’s when a blogger asks readers who generally don’t comment to check in and say ‘hi.’ Laksmi started this idea, and then Arturo took the next week, and now here I am, hosting a lurkers’ amnesty week.

I’m gonna hand off to Carl next week.

In the meantime, though, I invite people to say hi. You can even write a bit about yourself, if you’d like. It is quite interesting to write a blog — it feels very personal, but you never know who is actually reading. There are the folks who comment frequently, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. I love the idea of readers who just read, who don’t feel like they need to (or want to bother with) making comments. I imagine you are more rigorously adhering to zen principles than I do, what with your devotion to avoiding the cultivation of likes and dislikes and dramas, etc.

All that’s well and good, but hey, now’s the time to say ‘hi.’ I’d love to hear from you.


21 Responses

  1. happy amnesty week!

  2. Hello from rainy Canada (it’s warm today, but snow is on the way for tomorrow). In the meantime, I’m enjoying this ‘warmth’ and humidity (and beginning to dream of spring). 🙂

  3. I do sometimes comment here but I am saying hello anyway. Greetings from cold, dreary NYC!

  4. “a lurker “ –definition: “In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, bloggs, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely participates.”

    WOW… a voyeur.
    (the basic principle of human nature)

    Internet voyeurism has emerged as a new entertainment category. Could anyone have anticipated this? Instead morphing ourselves into television some of us have chosen most popular blog content. You must agree, it is highly voyeuristic stuff, like shoes disorder, online dating, ashtanga back-banding, ladies moon days mixed with rewriting of Patanjali theorems and most recently the American elections…

    Oh yes… Hi Karen. A big kiss from Zee du Canada.

  5. Hi Kai, Hi Anna, Hi Zee!

    Interesting idea, Zee. Voyeurism. Used to be, back the old days, that voyeurism was just about looking at the surface of someone. Peeking in their window in real life. Now with blogs, we can “listen in” on people’s thoughts. I wonder why this appeals to humans? Because we recognize ourselves in other people?

  6. Did you ever watch TV film with no sound? Try it. It is quite interesting, the movie goes on, but the story you make yourself, then you correct it, then again you correct it until you don’t need the sound any more. The story in the movie and your own story goes perfectly synchronized. So it is the same with internet lurker-voyeurism. Btw. Great mystic Gurddjieff recommended self-voyeurism as a technique for increasing awareness. 🙂 In Japanese zen Buddhist philosophy Zen Voyeurism is highly valued. Buddha was a Master voyeur (and masturbator, if I may add). Nisargadatta talking about “I AM” voyeurism. In the study of perception you will find subjective voyeurism….

    Karen, OF COURSE, I am here because I feel that one part of me is THERE, on the other side of blogger’s posting.

    Human nature? There is no such thing.

  7. I’m not a lurker but I wanted to say hi anyway!! I might do this delurking thing on my blog too…or should I wait for a tag?

  8. I’d enjoy imparting my own spin to the Amnesty Week fad. I’d probably have Go Lurk On Someone Else’ s Blog Week or something like that. But I will be away on vacation and I don’t know if I will be available for blogging.

  9. Hi Karen
    Just a short hi. Yogamum, it might be a good idea to coordinate with laksmi since she started the idea.
    Zee, I sometimes think that those of us who practice ashtanga and meditation are reliving today what followers of Gurdieff did in an earlier time – practicing his dance movements and spiritual practices. I find it hard, however to reconcile myself with his rampant sexuality, in which he allowed himself to have sex with many of his female followers.
    Cheers, Arturo

  10. okay, whatever, i write this whole big thing about lurkers and zee doesn’t show up. i guess he really has broken up with me. one hand post wasn’t enough to keep him. boo hoo.
    arturo, I love how you end everything with ‘cheers’. 🙂

  11. *Wave* Hi. Lurker unlurking for a moment.

  12. howdy, dzm!

  13. Hi DZM – Glad to know you have decided not to go private (for now, anyway). This way I can still lurk on a daily basis.

  14. Hi!

    I admit to not commenting much here or anywhere because i don’t feel like one of the “cool kids”.

    I enjoy reading, though.

  15. I have posted twice, does that absolve me from “lurker” status?

  16. No, SanStu, it does not! You must post much more! I miss you!

  17. Hi – but I have one suggestion when you give advice to future travellers:

    Scottsdale has speed traps.

    That take our picture on the way to Mysore.

    And on the way back.

    And you don’t find out until a month later.

    Does the cop have you under a confidentiality agreement? 😉

  18. Whoa! Both ways! LOL. Okay, Speed Racer.

    An announcement to all future visitors:

    Scottsdale has a “drive calmly to and from Mysore practice” law! 🙂

    Wait, do I sound like a cop’s wife? Surely you must know a lawyer…

  19. Kayla…are you still there? It’s just the internet. To the extent there are self-appointed cool kids, just back away from the drama…

  20. Hi- I just discovered your blog a few days ago while googling “Pigeon Pose.” I have never before read or commented on a blog but yours is interesting… I love the videos you put up- very helpful. CD

  21. Kayla I think you are one of the cool kids 🙂

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