Selfish, psoases, mysticism

How much do I like practicing with The Cop? Way lots. I just realized it today. In part, this is because he is really learning the sequence. A couple of times I said, “What’s next?” and he knew the answer. We have similar learning styles (the “shut up and don’t tell me too much” learning style) and we both are attached to independence and self-sufficiency. So he has never seemed like a burden, practice-wise.

All that said, I do tend to be a selfish person, so going into this, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to share practice time. But as it turns out, I love it!


Woke up in the middle of the night to an “Oh my God, my psoases!” moment. Curled up in a little ball and went back to sleep.

And then, this morning, after practice, I did a whole bunch of hanging-back thingies — you know, where you go halfway back and just hang. Yeah! That’ll show those whiny psoases!


I looked over at The Cop as he lay in savasana and I went along with supta padangusthasana. So sweet. Here we are, practicing together as the sun rises. He lay in savasana longer than he usually does. Nice.

When he got up, I said, “You had a good savasana.”

“If by good, you mean sleeping,” he said.

“You were asleep?”

“I was starting to dream.”

“Oh! That state where you are half-sleeping and superconscious?!” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah,” he said, “I call that sleeping.” Thus ended our magical mystical moment.


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  1. Hi Karen
    You have the driver’s seat for Lurker’s Amnesty Week tomorrow : )
    Do you actually feel your psoases when sleeping? Wow. I can’t say mine talk to me that much. Sometimes I have to tell them to give me feedback when in Ardo Mukka Paschimattanasana.

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