Blender and other kitchen issues

Just ordered a blender from Amazon. Sorry, Carl. It wasn’t an easy decision, going Amazon. I worked for a decade in independent bookstores, so it hit close to home. But their business model is pretty impressive. And my Prime membership means I pay $75 bucks up front and they second day ship everything I buy in a year. Including Moola Bandha: The Master Key, which I’ve been re-reading.

Anyhow, this all came to pass because, like Vanessa, I found myself starting a practice with the growling of my stomach. Which meant intermittent visions of smoothies went dancing through my head. I have to remember not to putter too much on Sundays. Too much time elapses between morning coffee and finally starting sitting practice/asana practice. It’s not a problem on weekdays, when I get right to practice so I can get to work on time. But on Sundays, it seems luxurious to read and do a few chores before practice. The downside is that I end up hungry — and even more distracting, really, is that my mind has time to get all revved up with the daily business of thinking/planning. Once my mind gets busy, it’s hard to calm it down for the mat.

Anyhow, I wrapped up practice and headed for the kitchen. Rifled through the pantry, looking for the blender. Why is it stowed away in the pantry instead of out on the counter? Because I don’t use it much because it sucks.

I load the blender up with frozen strawberries and blueberries, some soymilk and a blob of vanilla yogurt. Take the whole blender into the back guest room so the noise doesn’t wake The Cop, who worked night shift last night. Hit the “Blend” button and the whole thing makes a hell of a lot of noise. Wait a bit and turn it off. Open it. Lots of whole strawberries and blueberries and some actual blended material on the very edges. Smoosh everything back over the blades and turn it on again. Not so much noise this time. Open it. Lots of whole strawberries and blueberries and perhaps a tiny bit more blended material. The freaking blades in this thing are about two inches up from the bottom of the blender, which means the fruit just goes under the blades. I repeat my attempts to get the blender to actually blend the fruit, but eventually give up and just eat the frozen stuff with a spoon. Quite tasty, yes, and I don’t mind some chunks in my smoothies. But whole strawberries is a bit much.

I await the imminent arrival of my new smoothie maker.


Yesterday I made a carrot cake and cream cheese frosting for The Cop. The frosting came out great, the cake was a disaster. Waaaaah! I grated all those stupid carrots by hand! Labor-intensive well beyond my usual slacker cook habits. The cake was rising just fine, then all of a sudden I look in the oven window and the whole thing looks like a 13 x 9 inch cookie. My first thought was that the stove was malfunctioning, which would be tragic because it’s only two years old and I love it.

Then I had the bright idea to check the expiration dates on my baking soda and baking powder. Only a year past expired! Why doesn’t it still work? šŸ˜‰

This launched a bit of research on the difference between baking soda and baking powder and how they work. Very interesting chemical engineering, if anyone has a taste for that sort of thing. I always thought baking powder was stronger than baking soda, but nope, just the opposite. Who knew?


My Gift called from her kitchen last night, where she and her roommate were 1) bleaching My Gift’s short punky hairdo white blonde, 2) using their new rice cooker, and 3) steaming broccoli. The roommate, who is from the Midwest, and who introduced My Gift to cream of mushroom soup casseroles, was cracking open a new package of Velveeta.

“This doesn’t seem like a good idea,” My Gift said, as she inspected the Velveeta box.

You send them away from home, they learn all kinds of crazy things…


10 Responses

  1. Welcome to the world of hungry Ashtangis! (God, I shouldn’t joke with things like this, should someone start with the whole eating disorder debate again). I go to the shala later than start time on Sundays and find that my practices are more distracted. The first “shift” is always quieter and more concentrated somehow.

    I used to have bleached blonde pixie hair. Loved it but the upkeep was a pain, so it only lasted a few months.

  2. picture of the blender?

    i am so sorry about the cake tragedy! there is nothing more sad than a disaster cake šŸ˜¦

  3. I have a new cake in the oven right now. With fresh baking powder and soda. I am keeping my fingers crossed. If it flops again, it means I have an oven issue…

    A. texted me and said the blonde was awful on her so she dyed it fire engine red. She’s a good planner — even as she prepared to go blonde, she made sure to have another color to dye it in case it didn’t go well.

  4. We were into Manic Panic hair dye when we were froshes. I bet that is the brand she’s using. Brilliant color! As a sophomore, I had dreds. šŸ™‚

  5. I love dreads! Tell me, though, when you are done with them, do you have to cut off the hair?

  6. I think those with good, old dreads just have to cut them off if they want them to go away.
    They become a solid mass (sometimes with a strange core of grease in the middle).

    Mine only lasted 3-4 months (I did not wash or even get my hair wet the first month, but I was living in the wilderness so it was sort of understandable); in the end, a gracious friend brushed them out over the course of a weekend. But what hair I had left after that was so damaged that I buzzed it all off a few weeks later.

  7. Four Catholic ladies are having coffee together, discussing how important their children are.

    The first one tells her friends, “My son is a priest. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him ‘Father’.”

    The second Catholic woman chirps, “Well, my son is a bishop. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, ‘, ‘Your Grace’.”

    The third Catholic woman says smugly, “Well, not to put you down, but my son is a cardinal. Whenever he walks into a room, people say ‘Your Eminence’.

    The fourth Catholic woman sips her coffee in silence. The first three women giver her this subtle “Well…?”

    She replies, “My son Ahuho is a gorgeous, 6′ 2” hard-bodied, well-hung, male stripper. Whenever he walks into a room, women just say, “Oh my God….”

  8. Silly Zee.

    But since you can’t help yourself, this fits perfectly with the ongoing theme.

  9. Hi Karen
    FWIW, I might share about the relationship between my breakfast and practice. In the early days when I started practicing, I would eat breakfast and then go to practice. Of course, my teacher, well trained, told me what he learned about the tradition. I tried practicing on an empty stomach, but found that I would get dizzy. So I found out what Sharath’s recommendations regarding how many hours before practice one can drink water, eat fruit or more solid food, and decided to wake up early enough to respect those rules. That is why I wake up about 2 1/2 hours before practice, to put some fruit and nuts in my stomach – my breakfast with herbal tea. Then after practice I have a pudding before going to work. On Sundays, like you, a lot of time transpires between waking up and getting all the way to Berkeley, so I eat the breakfast and the pudding at one meal. That’s what works for me. Believe me this whole question about eating before practice is one I have researched a lot. I’ve had people ask questions from Guruji and Sharath on my behalf. I’ve asked well known yoga teachers about it. I’ve asked in the yahoo groups. People have different practices, but some people have some yogurt, others fruits, others some nuts, and almost everyone has some tea before practice. Hope that helps.
    Cheers, Arturo

  10. […] 3 times, 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour (I used whole wheat pastry flour) with 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 1/2 of baking soda, and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. add the final sifting to 2 tablespoons of wheat […]

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