Zee’s Farewell

Zee left a comment on the previous post. There seem to be some issues with the links he embedded running from the comments section, so I’ve included them in this post (although Ursula’s link in the original comment was empty, so I can’t fix it).


I just dropped by to say Arrivederchi…. in grand style… of course
I am leaving blog world for awile…

…Ladies and Gentlemen,
……..Meine Damen und Herren,
……………Madame Et Monsieur,

It my Honour of serving you…
It is my Joy of pleasing you…
It is my Pleasure of meeting you…

Ursula …my little Sunshine… (You are kicking asses!!!)
Doctor Susan, now, you DO understand.
Owl you always understood.

only to make the precious Carl to understand

Zee is leaving the blog world to finish himself. 

You do the same… ‘cause… the second phase of the Project Hope for Homeless is coming… soon in theaters near you.

See Ya


3 Responses

  1. Dear Zee, what is happening? Write me if you like. I care for you, you know.
    Know, that my thoughts are with you. your sunshine.

  2. My dear Sunshine, I am going to make the first leap, I need quietness and peace and a lots of tequila.;)
    (this is my last post, I’ll not come back for awile).

  3. Zee,
    Thank you for noticing, and I hope you also noticed I love you with all my heart.
    Good luck on your finishing…


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