Snake. But as RF would say, “It’s not what you think…”

Zazen ahead of Ashtanga practice. Upper palate connection to pelvic floor. Immediately accessible. And today, the kinesthetic image of a snake appears. Surprise!

Cut to thought of Freeman’s audiocast: about Nada, the snake with an infinite number of heads. Related to kundalini energy – and he mentions it rising out of the spine of the Buddha as he sits, forming a canopy of infinite heads shaped like a cobra’s hood. Astonishing image.

There’s no way to adequately paraphrase RF, that’s for sure.

And then my legs disappeared. And I guess everything else, though I didn’t think about it. Just spine, top to bottom.

My heart, recently made transparent and removed by the cybershalamates, wasn’t missed. How can this be?! It feels like a great discovery. Though it doesn’t feel like anything in practice.

The upper palate/pelvic floor thing (is it just an associative thought? a metaphor?) held the key to keeping that snaky spine thing even in Ashtanga practice. Well, not in urdhva dhanurasana, though. Another thing to go looking for…


And in the midst of all of this mystical experience, at Marichy C, The Cop comes up with a burp. Oh, not just a burp. An eating-pizza-drinking-Pepsi-watching-a-UFC-fight championship-winning kind of burp. I glance over and he’s got a huge grin.

Need grounding? Me, yes. Him, not so much.


9 Responses

  1. I have no clue about Kundalini but some describe the experience as a snake raising like liquid energy. Doesn’t it feel like practice is exploding? You could see THAT coming – not to mention what the stars are up to. But I am not expert in kundalini. Although everything is possible.

    RF managed to conceive the “snake”, well, he is more messed up than any of us could have possibly imagined – check out the gossip. 🙂

  2. Hello. Funny thing about the subtle body, huh? The throat trick (and others) does suggest a concatenation of jalandhara-uddiyana-moola and whatever else. A realm not only of consciousness but of physical experience. (Not that I’m drawing distinctions, Zee. Don’t freak out, sweetheart.)

    Next thing we know I’ll be trying to say that the nadis are more than a metaphor! Godhelpus.

    But about the metaphor thing. I only got through the first 30 minutes of the shala talk you linked yesterday, so did not hear if he actually uses the flopping fish imagery I like so much. I hope so! In person, when he talks of these things, you can see and feel him engage them. Every time, he rolls his eyes back and blisses out for a second. Yet
    I did sense that RF gives a pretty abstract “definition” of kundalini in The Yoga Matrix. Something about the true kundalini experience being an infusion of love and the snake being an expression of that experience in the heart.

    Well yes, that makes sense to me. Very much. But when we talk about the subtle body, and about the travel of energy in the spine, I want to say that this is more than metaphorical.

    It’s probably very easy to get lost looking for kundalani-as-fountain-of-youth. Probably more self-deception there than self-discovery! Maybe this is why such wise people as RF present it more abstractly or (like SKPJ) rarely present it at all.

  3. oVo did you noticed I agreed with Cody and he loves me… because zi have a new heart, Doctors warned but I did not listen, smoked too much… 

    kundalini?, of course it is more then metaphor. It is a lie. The energy circulates all the time. It is our life force, breath, thought, meaning of words, words, world, worlds… Once upon a time, with old heart, I smoked outside and while standing I went to sleep. I looked the people walking and each of them had a black energy going upward their head. Is it kundalini or mundalini? You tell me.

    Regrding RF… well I am joking, I don’t know the guy and there is no urge to know him. That tells me a lot.

  4. Mundalini. That’s funny. But it happened back when you were still the Tin Man.

    Karen you might want to take the blog private before people find out you are doing bloodless heart transplants here.

  5. I hope very much that you are well again Zee. What a message. I know that it is no joke with your heart. Oh mei. sunshine.

  6. My dear Sunshine, did I ever lied to you 🙂

  7. My dear Zee, you did not lie to me.
    I have not so much words at the moment (you understand perhaps), but I hope you feel good. sunshine

  8. Hi Karen
    Your post reminds me a bit of the youtube video Boodie posted in her blog. hehe. Seems like a very nice meditation experience. I hope to have my tatami mat, zabuton and zafu set up by the weekend, after shifting things around. I just arrived from the Zen Center bookstore, where I found a new zafu and some books – one by Brad Warner, “Sit down and shut up”, another a tiny book that’s easy to carry, “Awakening Loving-Kindness” by Pema Chodron.
    Cheers, Arturo

  9. Oh, I quite enjoy Brad Warner’s books. He has an interesting “take” on practice. I love that he says it is boring. But I thought we were supposed to keep that a secret. 😉

    I am going to a little day-long retreat at my zendo on Saturday, Arturo. Looking forward to it a lot!

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