Going Private

Going to make the blog private at the end of the week. Nothing secret or dramatic is going on. I’m just conscious of discontent out in the blogosphere — lots of sniping about what people choose to write about or how they choose to write, etc. I don’t want to be involved in all of that. This isn’t about some kind of special exclusivity — it’s about allowing people to opt in, and then once you’re in, you get what you paid for. 😉

If you want permission to read when this blog goes private, just drop me a note at dzm (spell it out) at hotmail. I should get Cody to write a little “Benefits of Membership” ad. Though it is pretty much one bullet point:

  • Diary of Asana Practice
  • Not much regarding the ineffable, I’m afraid. “Whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must be silent.” Well, unless it’s just too tempting.

    From what I’m seeing with a quick couple of searches, WordPress is a lot harder to take private than Blogger. Might mean a switch back to Blogger. I’ll miss my current format… It’s so pretty… If anyone out there has mastered the art of taking a WordPress blog private, let me know.

    Go Patriots!


    14 Responses

    1. I’ve been thinking about it too. Getting a bit tired of anonymous people bitching about me. Like someone forced them to read my blog! I’ll do some research and let you know if I find a straightforward way.

    2. Well, the good news is that it can be done, it’s in Options–>Privacy. The bad news is that you can make it readable to only 35 people AND they must be WordPress registered, which is the killer.

    3. Well then, back to Blogger it is! Thanks for checking that out.

    4. I’m sorry to hear this. I hadn’t notice any uptick in the troll wars, but I haven’t been paying that much attention I guess. I’m concerned when the decent, upstanding citizens of the blogosphere surrender to the aggression out there. If your blog had been private before, I would never have found it, and that would not have been good!

      And, of course, GO PATS!

    5. Oh, noooooooooo.

      I’m sorry to hear this, too.

      I will miss you. To be public means also to meet strange people, but it’s up to you if you take it funny or seriously. With privacy you will exclude as well the people you would like to read your blog.

      Perhaps you change your mind. 🙂


    6. Sorry to hear you’re going private. I know what a difficult decision that can be. I would love to continue reading after the transition. Thanks!

    7. Karen, that comment was a joke… I like your blog, your writings. But if this is your decision, so be it. I wish you all the best.

    8. I don’t think it was your comment, Zee. I think it was mine, asking to define “propreoception” or however you smart people spell it.

    9. I would like to keep reading in any case! I would miss you!

    10. […] I guess I don’t get it, but since when a blogger’s desire for privacy constitutes a target for mockery? What happened to live and let […]

    11. wow, how come zee’s over here? i’ve been thinking about going private, too, but I haven’t had any trouble. It’s more to maintain my anonymity…

    12. You should do what you want, what you’re comfortable with. I enjoy reading your musings, though, so hope you’ll consider making me one of the chosen ones (just kidding about being a chosen one, but not about reading the blog).

      On the wordpress vs. blogger question, I have noticed that you have to be registered with blogger (or google) to comment there, too. I guess I’m just a wordpress fan.

    13. thanks for everything u have done till now

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