I don’t do resolutions, but I do actually have a couple of things I am interested in lately. Dreams, for one. I chatted a bit this morning with Boodi — she has lucid dreams and used to keep a journal, etc. Much as I did, she consciously switched off the “remember your dreams” option in her brain after a while. I just decided to turn them back on, after doing some reading about dream yoga. They came right back, as soon as the suggestion was made. Interesting.

I have binders full of dreams from three years running. Multiple dreams per night. It was getting exhausting, writing them all down, waking up a few times a night. The most useful result was a much deeper understanding of the nexus where perception, language and so-called reality meet. When you write down enough dreams, you start to see that you are grasping at the most nebulous perceptions and making them “real” by language. Much is lost in the translation. The ineffable, I guess.

Okay, the other thing I’m liking lately is cooking. This morning, I made cinnamon rolls. The Cop was VERY happy. The KitchenAid makes some great dough. I made a double batch and froze half, so next time it won’t take quite so long to make the rolls.

The dog was my kitchen helper. I love when she just stands there and looks into the oven.

Hey, how do you keep left over baked goods fresh? Tova? Is there some kind of special method? Tupperware? Bread box? I have no idea what the current technology is…

The cinnamon rolls aren’t the end of our cooking for the day, either. The Cop is going to make his famous lasagna. Two pans — one with meat (for him) and one without (for me). I volunteered to make fresh pasta for the lasagna. Oh, I can’t wait!!

My Gift emailed from Wales. I’d asked if New Year’s Eve was different over there, and made a joke about jousting and mead:

Last night was pretty much like New Year’s Eve in the states. No jousting and no one gave me any mead. Although I did finally meet someone that speaks Welsh. It’s a very bizarre language. I also met a guy who found out I’m American and proceeded to ask me to quote Will and Grace in an American accent. And then he asked if I live near Cher.

First practice of 2008 was nice. I grabbed a couple of videos — to document the current state of the backbend. So I can refer back this time next year. I am using a screenshot from the video — in part because the soundtrack for the video is The Cop’s game. The Middle Ages, with lots of swordfighting and yelling. I had in my ear plugs, so couldn’t hear it and didn’t remember to turn down the sound on the video. Oh well. This’ll do. Still need to get my arms straighter, but slowly, slowly, I’m getting there:


And on a whim I did the little exercise again the wall — which The Cop, upon trying it, named the “Jesus, my JUNK!” pose.


Tomorrow, Tim (A2Ashtangi) and Susan (suzie columbus) are due to visit the new (yes, again!) shala. I will post something about the new space in a little bit. Everything is still all settling in.

Happy New Year!


9 Responses

  1. Dreams are fascinating. I wish I knew more about them.

    Love that crawling up the wall pose! I need to try that!

  2. Yeah, it’s a cool little pose. It always kind of baffles me, figuring out how to get into it. The easiest way is to do a cobra right up against the wall, then put one arm up, followed by the other.

  3. Oh, I was hoping you’d get to meet Tim. And Susie will be there too! Very happy to see that coming together. A blessing for the new phase of practice and new year.

  4. Happy New Year! Say hi to the midwesterners for me!

  5. You look so young! Have you tried walking your hands down the wall in kapotasana?

    For baked goods, I store them in the fridge, and put them in a slightly damp brown bag before reheating in the oven (might work in a microwave too).

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to you, too, Cody!

    Rick! My new friend! 😉

    Oooooh, walking down the wall in kapo! Fun! I’ll try it tomorrow!

  7. Zen is so simple, but Karen, your practice is not simple. After careful reading of your blog (it took some time ) it can be said that you’re introducing complication on everything you do. Yes, a lot of imagination…

    Karen, What is consciousness?

    Your blog tells me that you think of consciousness as an activity of body, sense and mind. Hence, you assume that it is you who has the consciousness. Consequently, what you take for consciousness is reflected in confusion and great complexity of your physical, sensual and mental actions.

    Consciousness is the knowing of that ( Self ) which is present always, throughout experience in each one of us. It is that ( Self ) which does not part with anyone, not even for a moment. Its knowing is no physical or mental act, which ( Self ) starts doing at some time and stops doing later on. Consciousness is You, Karen, the Self, whose very being is to Know.

    Simplicity of Zen has no purpose, but it can be described as: How can that consciousness be known? Consciousness is not an object that is known. Instead, it is just that which knows. It is thus known in identity, as your own Self, by realizing your true identity with it. Sitting still…

    Yes, simply sitting still… but the question is: Why Karen you “experience” consciousness as the singularity, as your own personal self, making it “your” consciousness?

    Is it because you look through your mind and body at the world, the way one picks up a shell on the beach?

    Realize that your “outlook” makes the world outside you and it there appears that your consciousness is different and changing. Your mistake is that you allow your mind to do interpretation, so it then appears ( to you ) that your consciousness is made up from a passing sequence of perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Thus, you have formed BELIEF based on assumption that your consciousness is something quite distinct.

    And what is belief… if not, imagination? It is much better to just sit… still.;)

  8. Hokaku, is that you?? Just kidding. You sound like one of the monks who told me yoga was great, but that I should just sit still. 😉

    Thanks for your note, Zee. You are absolutely right.

  9. Oh, Hokaku, yes, he is here too…

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