Serratus Anterior

Serratus anterior. I think that’s what’s aching today. And I’m happy about it. The pain was brought on by some extra help in urdhva dhanurasana for the past couple of days. The Cop has been adjusting. He sits between my feet and uses his foot to puuuuuush my upper body toward the wall.

So this morning, as I raised my arms in the first surya, I felt what I am figuring are my serratus anterior muscles. Owie. My biceps feel tight, too, when I lift my hands over my head, so maybe it’s all loosening up. It’s actually kind of funny: I bemoan the tightness in my shoulders/upper back, but when I think back I remember my first few yoga classes. And how I couldn’t lift my arms over my head even a little bit gracefully. Seriously. Damn weightlifting.

I still feel uncomfortable in utkatasana and virabhadrasana A, which makes me feel silly — shouldn’t lifting your arms straight over your head be pretty much the simplest thing in the world? Ah well.


6 Responses

  1. serratus anterior! my favorite! I even have my own post about it! It’s short, but I do love that muscle group. Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Oh great, now I need to wonder if it’s “anterior serrati,” as okrgr says…

    Welcome back. And right back to work, I see, driving up the blog stats. 🙂

  3. Maehle’s book goes on at length about serratus anterior; it’s most useful in any pose with weight on hands (arm balances, wheel, etc). So you’re probably right. It’s a good sore, I think, the way that my sore intercostals, back in the day, indicated greater strength (in arm balances) and flexibility (in backbends) coming. Cheers!

  4. yes, driving up the stats. They’ve almost recovered. Big day tomorrow. Lots of choices for a post…good luck with those muscles. I think I did give in to acorn and agree that they are anterior serrati. Too old to remember. Which is good for grudges…

  5. Well, there are two of them, right? That would make them plural then, serrati, but not sure about the ordering. Being Latin, I’d think the adjective would go after the noun, so….serrati anterior?

  6. Ugh, just remembered that names (instead of nouns) have no plural in Latin, so maybe it’s just serratus anterior and that’s that.

    No wonder I never did well in my Latin course 🙂

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