Dansko = truth & beauty

Yeah, yeah, it’s slow at work this week. No one’s here. It’s quite nice. I am actually getting stuff done. Enough so that I can even reply to threads on the discussion board we have set up about the future of work (Shifting workforce demographics! The needs of the Gen Yers! Retaining workers! Woohoo!). I also have time to look at blog stats.

Okay, everyone, knock it off with the “Dansko ugly” and “horrible Dansko” keyword searches! It gives me a bit of a complex, particularly since I have worn NOTHING but my Danskos since I purchased the first pair back at the beginning of August. Actually, now that I think of it, I did wear a pair of high heels for the Board presentation, but that is just one day since August. So it’s been 5 months of footie bliss.

And more to come. I recently increased my collection (black Sonjas, brown Ingrids) with a new pair of black Pitas. Oh, they are lovely. Wintery and wonderful. I wish they were spelled “Pitta,” though, so I would know that they were intended to be worn on angry days. As it stands, I am perplexed by the idea that they are somehow related to flat bread.

Anyhow, gaze upon them and quit keywording “Dansko” and “ugly” together.


7 Responses

  1. Hi Karen. I made contact with VBG and will be at the led class 1-5-08. Hope to see you. Namaste.

    Susan, aka suzie

  2. Karen, i would never search for dansko’s with the word ugly. i think they are cute. but then again, i like earth shoes…

  3. Hey Susan, I look forward to the visit!

    And Tova, I’m afraid you and I shouldn’t trade shoe advice. I think we may both be hopeless… 🙂

  4. Those are fugly. But that wouldn’t stop me from wearing them either. Comfy is important at times. Of course, there is also a time for four-inch heels.

  5. i personally believe that danskos are the eighth wonder. during the winter 2005 nyc subway strike i walked 8 miles in my dansko clogs (in 20 degree weather, mind you). the *only* parts of my body that didn’t feel as though they were beaten with a heavy metal rod were my feet. they were happily, wonderfully pain-free.

  6. Hey rew! Happy belated Hanukkah!

  7. thank you 😀 happy holidays to you as well!

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