Practice and a holiday gift from Wittgenstein

Lovely Christmas practice. I am grateful for The Cop, who has no holiday expectations beyond our spending time together.

Holidays bring up all kinds of emotions — many of them quite deeply loving and conscious of bonds betweens friends and family, and I am, as always, surprised (how many times can I possibly be surprised?) to find that words really don’t do justice.

So we’ll wrap up with a quote from Wittgenstein:

If I am thinking about a topic just for myself and not with a view to writing… I jump about all round it; that is the only way of thinking that comes naturally to me. Forcing my thoughts into an ordered sequence is a torment for me. Is it even worth attempting now?


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  1. Hi. I haven’t been reading the blog lately, but when I got to Scottsdale and realized that VBG isn’t doing mysore anymore (I’m so distressed!)I got back on your blog to see if you talked about it. I’m in town until 12/31. Went to practice on Saturday and will go again this coming Saturday, and maybe Wednesday evening if family stuff isn’t happening. Hope you are well. I’m teaching at a new studio now– – TaraNa Yoga Studio (

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