Over on the Ashtanga Voices site, Eeyore was talking about favorite books. I immediately thought of the book I’d nominate for best book ever written: Ulysses. I also thought of Joyce’s great short story, “The Dead,” which I always think of as a Christmas story. Primarily because of the image of a social gathering in a warm house as it snows outside.

I also thought of my all-time favorite short story, “A Country Doctor,” by Franz Kafka. Now that I think of it, this story always reminds me of Christmas time, too. Again, the omnipresence of snow. It’s a twisted Christmas with Kafka, though, for sure!

Moon Day. No practice. Just stories and Art in America magazines. Nice.

Yesterday I watched “Who the Eff is Jackson Pollock?”” A very amusing documentary about a 73 year old female long-haul truck driver who may have unearthed a Jackson Pollock painting in a thrift shop. Astonishing, to watch the clash of cultures — and I must say, the art elitists came out looking especially bad. Teri (the truck driver) hires a forensic scientist to examine the painting, and he finds a fingerprint. Pollock’s fingerprint. The art experts snottily explain that the beliefs of expert connoisseurs is how authenticity is determined, not something so gauche as a fingerprint. Hilarious.


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  1. Karen, do you know how a reader can gain access to the ashtanga voices site? It seems to have gone private, and I miss reading it. Thanks.


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