Dansko, keyword for stats

I know there is always discussion among bloggers about what words make a site’s stats go up. Usually swear words work well, and apparently there are spikes during acrimonious blog wars. But what I find is that I get lots of search engine referrals around the term “Dansko.” And of course there are the associated terms: “ugly,” “shoes,” and “clogs.” And one of my favorite strings, “ugly freaking shoes.”

Okay, okay, I get it. People think Danskos are ugly. But they are also searching with phrases like “aching feet” and “foot pain.” Well, you have to make your choices and set your priorities, people. Here’s the official word: Danskos are my shoe of choice (ask The Cop, I think he may be a little horrified at my attachment to the Danskos). I have had pain from plantar fasciitis for YEARS. Tore my left arch during a period of lots of running. Recurring pain for… yes, it’s been almost 14 years.

Now that I wear Danskos daily (yes, daily), I have ZERO pain. None. Nada.

Do I miss pretty shoes? Yes.

Would I wear them again?


So the keywords are: “ugly” and “Dansko” and “pain-free.”

They’re beautiful to me.


No practice this morning. I slept horribly due to coughing and post-nasal drip. (Euw.)

Taking the day off from work. In hopes of being reasonably fit for the upcoming Annie Pace weekend.


7 Responses

  1. i don’t think Danskos are ugly at all, but then again my fashion taste has been questioned frequently.
    do you sleep with a humidifier or vaporizer by your bed? this makes all the difference for me.

  2. Our collective fashion taste is awesome. So cool that the D’s are perfect for your arches, in addition to being HOT.

    Somebody came to my place this morning with the following search: “Is ashtanga for men only?” I hope they got their answer.

  3. They have a style I just saw this morning on Zappos. Pita. I love them.

    Ooooh, a vaporizer! I haven’t thought of those for years. I think I will go to Walgreens and get one and put some Vicks in it… Thanks, Mom! 😉

  4. I like Dansko. Sometimes they’ve been too wide for my skinny feet, though. I haven’t bought a new pair in a few years now. . . .

  5. Hi Karen
    Ooo, Annie Pace, how nice. I made the mistake of not going to her workshop in Berkeley 2 years ago. My fellow practitioners who went loved it. Hope you feel better.

    (0v0) that is so funny. Actually, I’m kind of glad that a person might have that perception, because at least it will attract more men to the practice, and in the US, more women than men practice yoga.


  6. did you use the humidifier, Dear? you never call! and i don’t know what is going on with you!


  7. Danksos (the right style mind you, not all of them) can be wicked cool.

    I think my top google search is “Garvey’s European Family Club” – oddly enough. (see post last January) Now you’ll get it too 😉

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