Applying sports theory

Bad me. Back to applying ye olde sports medicine theories to Ashtanga.

Felt crummy yesterday. The Cop’s cold. Still, it was lovely to go up north to visit My Gift and see her new place (much nicer than the last place) and meet her new cat (cute, and likely at least half feral) and her new roommate’s puppy (clumsy and adorable). My Gift looks happy and seems cheerful. End of the semester is December 15. So coming up on finals. She plans to be stressed during that time.

Went by the tattoo place she likes, but the artist she prefers wasn’t there. Oh well. I will walk around with my tattoo drawings in my bag until the time is right.

Woke this morning with a sore throat and general uckiness. Followed the sports medicine rule: you can work out provided there is no fever and if all of the congestion is above the neck. Yup. I fell within the prescribed boundaries.

Just did primary. Felt fine, actually, if a little spacey. Strong enough, but aware that some of the poses were rather automatic (versus being focused and present). I have my personal theory that heating the system up a bit kills the virus. So I expect I am slightly more healed than when I started.

Now I’m at work, and just feel like a person with a cold.


4 Responses

  1. My theory is that practice moves around the lymph (whatever that is? isn’t it a relic of the system of the four humors?) and makes the sick go away. Feel better.

    Nice that G has moved from snakes to cats. She must still be a cuddler.

  2. My experience too is that it helps – so hope things clear up soon.

  3. Yes, I will be better soon, since I have released lymph into the ether and no longer harbor evil vapours. 🙂

    My Gift has always been cuddly. I came from a totally non-cuddly family, and when I discovered the joy of it, I joined the cult and made sure My Gift was initiated. Seriously, I don’t ever remember hugging my parents as a kid.

  4. Hi Karen
    Hope you feel better soon. When you have a cold, in Lino’s book it mentions that Guruji recommends holding asanas where you fold over the chest downward a bit longer. For example, you can hold kurmasana and supta kurmasana longer, like ten breadths each. That helps burn the extra phlegm in your chest. In my opinion, most of the Primary seated asanas help for colds, because you generate a lot of heat.

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