Day off

Day off so we can go visit My Gift and see her new place. Got up late, practiced, made pancakes. Mmmm.

I want to go by Cost Plus and look for some Chinese bowls and ceramic spoons for My Gift, as a housewarming present. Speaking of housewarming, she told me they still haven’t turned the heat on in the house. Just to put that in perspective, she lives up north, where today’s high is going to be 50 and the low, 17 degrees F. Okay, they do have a woodburning stove, and she has a heater that she turns on in her room when her alarm goes off in the morning, but still! I am horrified! It’s 64 degrees here in Scottsdale right now, and that feels pretty chilly to me. Oh well, I guess they are being green. And cheap.

I’ll bring her another down blanket, too. Sheesh. Crazy kids.

I think I may be fighting The Cop’s cold. He’s getting better, but I feel kind of yucky. Definitely want to fend it off — Annie Pace is here this weekend, and I want to feel healthy!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your comment on my site today. It helps a lot to know people are thinking about us!

    Please tell Annie I said hi (she knows me as Kristi). I hope you enjoy the workshop!

  2. OK, Karen, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but…64 degrees in Scottsdale! We would be outside in tank tops riding bikes and raking leaves that have fallen in yesterday’s 32 degree weather.

    Sorry to gloat…Tim? Can you offer support?

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