Yes, I know. How many times is she going to mention Freeman’s talks? Well, I don’t know. But how can I not, after this:

I was out in the back yard, cleaning up all the stuff that blew around in the tremendous winds we had last night. As per usual, when doing household tasks, I was listening to a podcast. Loose Ends and Stinky Mats. How delightful is it, to hear RF talk about parkour? Quite. And then he mentions that he’s been thinking about how to practice in old age, and when one is very sick, or dying. I am really happy that he’s on this job, and I hope he keeps sharing what he comes up with.

Which makes me think about this idea that talking about practice is bad. Actually, on my zen calendar, this month’s quote reads, “Conceal your practice, work inside.” This is one of the last lines in Song of the Bright Mirror Samadhi, by Dongshan (Tung-shan Liang-chih), founder of the Soto school of zen.

I don’t know the answer for this one. Talk about practice, don’t talk about practice. Maybe an okay thing to talk about it, but not so great to expect or imagine people will understand. Or even that you will…


2 Responses

  1. Yes, it is wonderful that he is continuing the ashtanga experiment into older age (though the truth is he glows like an infant) and sending the information back to us, postcard-like.

    This is what Ram Dass says he is doing now too, since his stroke.

    If RF is talking parkour, I wonder if he is reading the EZBoard…? 🙂 Or blogs?


    Good to hear you’ve had a peaceful holiday.

  2. i find it very helpful to read about other peoples practices. and to talk to other people about their practices. and that is why i share mine, in the hopes it is helpful for other people as well.
    but i understand the idea that sharing some things can be harmful. i think it has to do with what we share and how we share it. it makes me think about the idea of right speech. making sure what we say is kind and neccessary and all that other stuff…

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