Shuffle, Sleep, Singapore

The shuffle meme (put your iPod on shuffle and document the first 10 songs that come up):

1. Politik, Coldplay
2. Borrowed Time, A Fine Frenzy
3. Don’t Panic, Coldplay
4. Drown In My Own Tears, Ray Charles
5. High Speed, Coldplay
6. Ray of Light, Madonna
7. Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
8. Gayatri Mantra, Deva Premal
9. I Try, Macy Gray
10. Lebanese Blonde, Thievery Corporation

Not very adventurous taste, I know — and a Coldplay problem.


Everyone’s talking about sleeping poorly. Online and at work, everyone seems to be having trouble. Full moon? I woke up suddenly at 3 AM today. Okay. Meant extra time to read before practice. Kinda tired now. No sense trying to adjust to normal time, since I’ll be flying through a ton of time zones tomorrow and the next day.


Practice was lovely this morning. Great to see the Mysorians and VBG. I mentioned that I’ve found a shala to practice at in Singapore, and VBG asked who the teacher was. Small world. Turns out she’s practiced with him.

The President of the company swung by my office this morning and proposed a short side trip: Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Oh yeah! I am SO in!

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  1. i love your playlist – a fellow coldplay addict’s taste in music exactly 😉

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