Busy Mind of Hotel Practice

Hotel practice is hard. This particular hotel has carpet over every inch of the floor except the tiny bathroom. Ack, practice on carpet. Very tough on the wrists. So much internal monolog with hotel practice. And I get so disembodied by travel. Decided right from the get-go just to do primary. To try to get back in my body, to try to get grounded.

So much going on in my head through all of practice. My alone version of supta kurmasana really sucking these days, since VBG does an assist all the time. When he puts my feet over my head, all is well and there is incremental progress. When I try to do it myself… ah, well. That train of thought is not particularly useful.

Finally managed to get the heat in the room up to 80. Thank goodness. We are at a property in the Disney empire. Temperatures set below freezing; a coffee maker in the room, but no coffee (WTF?); and a wake up call that is Mickey Mouse screaming in your ear. Plus carpeted floors. Not Ashtangi heaven.

Makes me realize how lovely my usual practice at home is: the routine of the wake-up, the coffee, the drive to the shala under a starry sky, the nice warm practice. Ahhhhhh.

Okay, so I’m not there now. Sleeping poorly; eating weird food; freezing; long hours; no Cop. I think what makes the internal monolog most busy is that all of these circumstances add up to a kind of loneliness. When I’m in my familiar home environment, I am integrated; out here in a different world, my boundaries feel more obvious — it’s harder to integrate. So then I’m a lone soul wandering around a (God, how awful) Disney-esque landscape.

I know there are people who love to travel for work. I so don’t get it.


2 Responses

  1. It sounds like a spaced-out purgatory. Except for Mickey. That is something worse.

    Take care.

  2. carpet sucks.

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