Work-from-home Wednesday

Working from home. The Cop (who, as a digression, recently decided we should have desert landscaping, and is tearing up the front yard as we speak), comes in with the mail. Including a red NetFlix envelope. He opens it. “Hmph,” he says, looking at the disc, “Never heard of it. Guess it’s yours. Must have Willem Dafoe.”

He knows me so well.


3 Responses

  1. Hah—my house has a like relationship with Netflix. If it’s some kind of grim, often foreign, but pretty, art cinema, it’s probably mine. What’s your favorite Dafoe role?

  2. Yeah, anything with subtitles belongs to me. If you like grim and arty — how about “Brazil” and “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover”? Those’ll chew on your soul. And “The Cook, The Thief…” is gloriously visual.

    My favorite Dafoe role is “Last Temptation of Christ.” The one I got yesterday, “Animal Factory” is quite good. Rather grim and arty, so you may enjoy it. Steve Buscemi directs (and has a small role) and John Lurie did the score.

  3. Yep, that’s all me, the Greenaway and the Gilliam. I’m watching the second half of Reds right now, and have just returned Me You and Everyone We Know, and The Host (the Korean horror flick). Buscemi and Lurie? Hah, sounds like someone’s borrowing from Jim Jarmusch’s stable 😀

    I’ve always like Dafoe in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, just because the scene in which his character is killed has turned SO many people off to that film. Back in college (when I first saw that) I was really into that sort of “I like what you don’t, meh” kind of ethic.

    I’ll check out Animal Factory, I’ve not heard of it. Cheers!

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