Tingly Foot and Wall Walker

A new buddy movie.

Those are our Native Ashtangi names.

Anyhow, this morning’s practice was lovely. It is cool in the desert in the mornings now, so I have worn a jacket to practice the past couple of days. Cozy. The Cop and I were leaving our favorite sports bar last night (I had a little tummy ache, having watched the BoSox as we ate) and I complained about the COOOOLD. “I’m freezing!!” I said. He pointed at my light tee shirt and suggested that long sleeves might help. Point taken.

Okay, so my entertainment this morning was the wall-walking dropbacks. And the hand-walking urdhva dhanurasanas. It’s all slowly cracking open. And (knock wood) no issues at all in the lower back. All of this work is centered around the thoracic area and my shoulders. Nice.

Only wierdness is in baddha konasana, which seems to be more difficult than ever. Like the hip joints are inflamed. It doesn’t feel like a painful resistance, so much as an unfathomable depth of… well, of I don’t know what. Like I don’t have any consciousness in that area, but it’s really BIG. There’s a koan in there, somewhere. I have no grasp on it yet. I’m curious to see what it turns out to be, whatever the question/insight/knot might be.

Tingly Foot got back to me in a comment to my last post, reminding me about rocking in urdhva dhanurasana. Thanks, TF! Comment noted. (Happy to hear the kapo-tingle resolved.) I really do feel like the tighter I can get the arch, and the lighter I can get my hands, the better off I’ll be. The wall-walking dropbacks, which VBG reminded me, are about as few touches as possible — dropping back and then coming right back up — can use a little “rock” as a segue between the down and the up. I’ll try that. It’s been very cool, how instructive this exercises has been: I learned something about the curving motion and how my balance shifts from standing to dropped back, back to standing. It definitely has a wavelike feeling.

I’m going to go get “Creative Visualization” from the library this afternoon. The dropback project can definitely benefit from some strong visualization, I think.


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