Nightmares and the refuge of practice

Woke up from a dream: My extended family was visiting me and The Cop. We lived in an apartment with long, matted shag rugs. For some reason, The Cop brought along his other wife. Who I never knew about. I was pretty unhappy. And then I went to present at a board meeting, where I was derided by the board, which was composed of very caustic gay men and very old-school feminists. The men cut down my presentation, and the women laughed when I told them I was flustered because I’d just discovered that my husband was a bigamist.


“Forget this!” I thought, and got up a little early.

Practice was good. VBG was in a cheery mood; Sanskrit Scholar, The British Director and Returning Guy were there, as was a new fellow I’d never seen before. Returning Guy will be returning yet again — in March. In the interim, he’s off to India.


One Response

  1. i dreamt that i was here at my store and there was a line of people who wanted to buy gift certificates for massage but i couldn’t find the tracking log on the computer. then one customer decided to come behind the counter and start looking for something. i thought i am allowed to tell her to stop looking through my stuff or is she really allowed to be doing this?

    your question about backbending has revamped my whole backbending process! thank you!

    i am excited to see if New Fellow sticks around long enough to get a fun name!

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