Very small turnout at practice this morning. Just Sanskrit Scholar and myself. Sigh. I’m not sighing because it isn’t lovely to practice with Sanskrit Scholar. It’s just because this cultivating-Ashtangis-and-specifically-Mysore-practicing-Ashtangis is quite a project.

This morning I went to navasana then set off on the intermediate backbends. Why? Well, because I really need to work on the freaking backbends, and when I do the whole of primary there’s little left in the way of drive when I am doing my urdhva dhanurasanas. Which is what I need most to practice.

Cranky and Lax have been on YC‘s blog, offering backbending tips and tricks. Very helpful. For all the drama that goes on in the blogosphere at times, I must say that I’ve gotten lots of great information and many pep talks. Much appreciated.

And meanwhile, back at the office, someone just celebrated a year with the organization. With pie. Not a home-made one, though. And not even a good one. It seems to be pumpkin. I’m not amused. Good thing it wasn’t chocolate cake, though. I’ve had a huge hankering for chocolate cake lately, and there’s a good chance I would have had an enormous piece and pretty much ruined my day with caffeine/sugar high and subsequent crash and crankiness.

All I want to do lately is yoga.


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  1. hey Karen! i am sorry about the bad pie, it is a tragedy, is bad pie. i am going to post about backbending on the ball right now!

  2. At least bad pie is avoidable. 🙂

    K, I have a question re: the southwest. Could I be in touch by email (is it hotmail?)?

  3. Hotmail OR Yahoo. I’m grabbing all the web real-estate I possibly can 😉 Not that DZM is a particularly popular handle…

  4. Greg used to have me switch to intermediate after navasana. That started last spring, once he started adding more & more 2nd. It’s a nice place to switch actually. But he’d never have let me drop any of the second series poses!!

  5. pumpkin pie is not a celebration, it’s punishment. that person must hate working at the company if they brought that pie in themselves. If someone brought it in for them, then the bringer hates the celebrant. 🙂 Backbending–oooohh, it’s been so great for me lately. I have started doing rajakapotasana with t’s help and man is it nice. I do feel like the back is opening more, as my dropbacks are now totally smooth with a really controlled landing. it’s inspiring to me. enough about me. I wanted to say that practice at my studio has been pretty slim lately too. only 5 people this morning. ugh! t said that mysore is his most expensive class rent-wise. if he has to give it up, i will have to go back to the old place. at least I have patched things up and made it okay to do that.

  6. I’m with you on the pumpkin pie. Rajakapotasana, huh? I think of that as a pose for the big kids — the ones who are good at backbends. Meaning, not for me. I’ve been dreaming lately of backbends that feel easy and light. It may be time for some creative visualization, to make this really happen. Well, I suppose it’ll be a combination of creative visualization and lots of practice…

  7. i’m pretty backbend-centric, especially right now when the hamstring attachments are acting up. I like the big money-maker backbends like rajak, kapo, and going from headstand into backbend. it makes me feel like i’m not such an old fart. (or old varter)

  8. Oh, yes, the agony of keeping a morning mysore practice going. This morning we had 4. Monday we had 6.

    Lakshmi, why would the rent be most expensive for mysore? Wouldn’t the yoga studio rent the space for a flat monthly rate, offering whatever classes they want?

    Donuts, does VBG have any thoughts on maintaining a morning mysore community? Or do you or SS?

  9. I had a chat with SS about the community just the other morning. I think it’s pretty clear that somehow, somewhere, we will practice. I know there was a morning last year where people actually went to the park to practice. So it will happen. Under what circumstances, exactly, isn’t yet clear… I guess it’s good, though, that we will carry on NO MATTER WHAT 🙂

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