Every so often I read a horoscope that seems insightful

Your astral gift is unflappable, naive confidence.

Yup, I’m sure The Cop and My Gift would say that’s true about me. And all the people on my team at work would agree. Yes, I know it’s irritating at times, my belief that we can do anything we want.

But it’s true. Really [said with naive confidence].

In yoga terms, I think of it as trusting my teacher and absorbing my own anxiety and disbelief. If VBG thinks I can do something, I do it. Whether I “can” or “can’t.” All I have to throw into the mix is my sincere attempt. Sure, I hear myself telling myself I can’t do things, but that means I have to turn off my mind.

I think climbing helped my yoga immensely. Terrified? In danger? Okay, then, first thing that has to happen is that you have to turn off the chattering mind. It is so astonishingly unhelpful in situations where you have to be precise and clear. What I believed at any of those moments (“I can’t do this,” “I shouldn’t be here,” “I’m going to fall and die”) was 100% unhelpful and potentially dangerous. The Mind: such a big fat chatterbox.

We go around cultivating our beliefs and attaching to them day in and day out, moment by moment. What’s the big freaking deal about having so many beliefs? Why are people so eager to have and defend them? Aren’t they just mostly tiresome and hard to keep track of? Bleh. Enough with all the beliefs!

What would happen if you jettisoned all beliefs? I’d start with all my beliefs about my self. Those are clearly a waste of time and totally unnecessary. Beliefs about others? Probably totally biased by my perspective, and likely to cause more problems than they’re worth. Beliefs about what’s important? Shifting — sometimes even on a moment by moment basis. Ditch ’em.

What beliefs do I have to keep? I guess the yamas would be my first thought. In the end, though, they’re not really beliefs, so much as practices. If I kept the yamas, would I need to have any beliefs?

Maybe that’ll be my experiment for the week: just pay attention to my beliefs as they arise and then a quick experimental ditching of the belief to see if it’s at all necessary. I suspect none will be.


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  1. You’ll have to report back on your insights at the end of the week. 🙂

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