Restless sacrum syndrome

Jenna just posted an entry about what I think of as “restless sacrum syndrome.” I get it mostly on the left side, and it makes me kind of crazy. Usually happens at night, when I’m trying to wind down. What is it from? I’m sure I could dream up something about my energy being stuck or a glitchy chakra issue or something. And then sometimes I imagine it’s purely mechanical — a stuck sacroiliac joint, for example. But the truth is, I have no idea what it’s all about. And it’s starting to bother me more, now that I’m doing the deeper backbends.

I keep reading, with great interest, blogs by people who say this SI stuff is a normal rite of passage. I need the encouragement. I woke up from the pain this morning, but by the time I got to the coffeemaker, it was gone. Am I dreaming this? Is it all just illusion and fear, a result of reading so much about people with back pain at the beginning of intermediate? Perhaps my research is fueling the fire.

Who knows.

No matter what, practice always makes it feel better. I was tired this morning, and it was a home practice day. I definitely needed to crack my back and get the restless energy out of my sacrum. I love all the little cracks: the traditional Trikonasana hip crack, a very delicate midback pop that happens on the first side of Utthita Parsvakonasana, a neck crack on the very last breath of the first side of Parsvottanasana, a hip joint pop on the second side of Janusirsasana A, and the very best one of all: the huge sacrum crack of Baddha Konasana. A particularly amusing set of cracks happens when VBG assists on Bhekasana — sometimes he’ll grab my feet at the very end and crack all of my toes at once.

How funny, that we can grow attached to these daily pops and cracks. A way of settling in to the body, on the one hand, and a way of not being too settled, on the other. Last night before bed, I stretched my leg out and flexed the muscles and thought, “I’m so lucky I get to live like this.” I mean seriously, what greater luxury can one imagine?


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