Thanks, Ganesha.

Presentation to the board went very well this morning. Apparently the couple of years of practice have worked a little magic: the horribly overwhelming freaked-out-to-the-point-of-psychic-blindness feeling wasn’t there. A couple of times I felt my shoulders get really tight, but it was all fixable with some ujjayi and mula bandha adjustments.

Perhaps it all went so easily because I wore a little Ganesha medallion over my throat chakra? Yeah, okay, if only you knew how insane that would sound to the members of the sub-culture I was addressing today (Total Rewards professionals). They believe their sub-culture is more real and less silly than mine. I know, though, that our sub-cultures are exactly equally silly.


This project has taken up weeks of psychic energy. I am thrilled it’s over. I took the Moon Day, then was up late working on the presentation on Wednesday (late, as in almost 1 AM!) so missed practice on Thursday. Today I skipped practice because I had a kind of emotional equilibrium going when I woke up, and I didn’t want to chance getting sucked into my own head during practice. Sometimes it’s important not to be too internalized and reflective.

Happy to be back to my internalized, reflective, practicing self first thing tomorrow morning!


6 Responses

  1. Excellent, Karen. Congratulations. I know what you mean about psychic energy. I could not practice this week after my trial was over. We always talk about having to decompress after a trial, and it is literally true. After psyching oneself up to an energy high, there is a real physical meltdown.

  2. I bet it went beautifully.

    I’ve wondered what would happen if I fell into ujjayi while wearing a microphone. Serious darth vader effect, probably.

  3. ujjayi in the microphone, that would be so funny!

  4. Congrats!

    I’ve never thought of utilizing mula bandha outside of yoga. Did you use it during your presentation? What would be the purpose? (Sorry, I ask you a lot of silly questions, I know.)

  5. I was only presenting to a group of 30, so no microphone, thank goodness. I hadn’t even thought of the potential Darth Vader effect, but it’s funny to consider. That might be a very authoritative way to get everyone’s attention and begin a presentation.

    Mula bandha was mostly to (okay, here are two reasons, one of which sounds insane from a strictly Western perspective, and one of which would be more acceptable, but kooky nonetheless): 1) close the loop so my energy could strengthen inside, and/or 2) distract myself in the midst of my panic. Oh, and there’s another possibility: it could bring me back to my body, because usually when I am scared, I pretty much leave my body.

  6. That makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll have to remember it in those difficult times. (I know all about leaving my body!)

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