Ego diminishment service

Silence on the way to practice.

Van Morrison on the way back.

VBG busy with others but swings by for supta kurmasana and baddha konasana. Then off again, into other parts of the room. Fine by me; I can use a quiet Friday. Look up, though, after laghu vajrasana, and there he is. “Four more,” he says, “Just entry and immediate exit.” Uh, okay. And after I finish the entry/exit exercise, he says, “Up.” Oh crap, a handstand? No idea how to coordinate body or breath coming out of laghu v and into a handstand. So do it totally gracelessly. Poor VBG. The things he sees.

Kapotasana is fine and then he says, “Up.” Oh, no effing way! But I do it. Slightly less gracelessly than the previous one, but I’m panting at the end of it. Criminy.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m ok with the first two ups, but after Kapo is so difficult. Like it’s asking too much at that moment. Often, the jump-through right after that posture is also asking a lot.

  2. i am so glad to hear you say that sometimes the jumpthrough after kapo is hard. it just seems to me that the psoas is so stretched in the opposite direction that there is no strength to lift the legs to jump through.

  3. LOL! We can start writing more about all of the hard parts. Our posts will get much longer.

    It’s interesting, because in that little section of ustrasana/laghu vajrasana/kapotasana, you are bending backwards more and more deeply, and then there are the vinyasas with the lifts (where the spine curls under a bit), and then super bandhas (for the legs to extend if you’re going to do the full handstand) and then the bandhas and coordination of jumping through. I had been so focused on the asana that I was totally overlooking the vinyasas. And gosh, they are hard!

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